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Default Ear Mites in Dogs

Awhile back there were some posts on dogs with ear mite problems. Instead of using expensive doctor medicines, a few people mentioned using hydrogen peroxide. I asked my doctor and she said that if I wanted to use hydrogen peroxide make sure it was atleast a 50/50 mix with water so I wouldn't burn the dog's ears. My question is what type of outcome have the people that have tried hydrogen peroxide encountered? I've noticed that with the prescribed medicines, the problem continues to come back. Please help.


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Default Re: Ear Mites in Dogs

from mrs. shorthair
unfortunatly i think your vet was wrong. i am a proffesional dog groomer and i also work part time for my vet. the only thing i and the vet have found that works, is to keep the ear clean and dry and to use the medicine [can't tell you which one because there are several that the vet might prescribe] until the medicine is gone! that is the mistake that most people make is that they don't use the medicine long enough. ear mights are usually from having fleas around and on the dog so you will have to look into getting rid of your fleas also. good luck.
mrs. shorthair
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Default Re: Ear Mites in Dogs

And if you have fleas, go get that pill from the vet, I think it's called Advantage. You give one a month to the dog, and the fleas just disappear. It's fiendish - it makes the fleas that bite your dog sterile. I have fought fleas for 20 years, when this came out, the problem was over.
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Default Re: Ear Mites in Dogs

Best thing to do is keep the ear clean afterward. There are many over the counter meds. Most work at least nominally. Use frontline for fleas. It sterilizes and kills the buggers. It also has reputed effects for getting rid of the ear mites themselves and preventing ringworm, should the problem rear its ugly head.
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Default Re: Ear Mites in Dogs

Sorry to say, but it's not fleas. I wish it was that simple. Of the three dogs I have, only one has a problem. According to the vet, it is some sort of allergic reaction which could be cause by near about anything. I wouldn't be able to solve that mystery anytime soon, so taking care of the dog's ears everytime is the best option. Maybe my question should be, is there anyway to permanently remove the ear mites so the problem will never occure again?

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Default Re: Ear Mites in Dogs

You could boil the dog for 20 minutes.

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Default Re: Ear Mites in Dogs

Aparently you know the importance of keeping the dogs ears clean...DRY is also very important but its not always an easy thing to do. The peroxide isnt a great idea for anything other than occasionaly getting rid of the wax and oils. Ear mites are not exlusive to the ears, and can travel throughout the sinus, around the eyes and more. peroxide wont get 'em!

I cant remember the name of the soap you will find in most natural food type stores, homeopathic places etc..but I think its called "mothers".
I used to grow herbs, and this stuff actually kills mites on things like basil leaves without damaging the leaves. Stop in one of these stores and ask (it was also great for ear mites with a few border collies Ive had who were exlusively outdoor dogs.)

On the other hand, you might think the dog has mites and it really doesnt...this time of year, many dogs are very effected by polens, and the infections they cause manifest in the ears and sinus. Treating this "yeast" infection as mites will not do a thing. If your trying to avoid a vet bill dealing with mites, get yourself a microscope at the local goodwill or yard sale, and do an internet search (or find some reference material) to get an idea of what to look for when you swab a sample and look at it in the microscope.

The infections dogs can get in thier ears can often appear to have the same symptoms as mites, but treating for mites wont do a darned thing and may even further irritate your dog (sometimes to the point of convulsive or siezure looking behavior)
The proper diagnosis is vital.

My dogs and I went through the mites and the other infections and learned all this stuff the hard way...I hope this helps you and your pooch, it can be miserable for the dog, and frustrating for you which is why I am spending the time and effort to offer my advice. Remember you have to use all the medications exactly as directed if your going to treat the dog for any ear condition.

Good luck
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Default Re: Ear Mites in Dogs

I got a dog 2 years ago who had very bad ear mites. The Vet gave her Tresaderm, and I treated her for 2 weeks, every day. Problem disappeared, and has never returned. Fleas cause a multitude of problems, so be sure to check for them all the time. Went camping on the Lewis River and the dogs came home loaded with the little buggers! Just because they don't have fleas when they get somewhere, doesn't mean you won't be taking them home! :grin:
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