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Default Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

I realize this is way off base of the usual discussions here lately but I want to sleep. The current bed we have now is just not cutting it anymore as it is a queen and it is only five years old. I was looking at the Nautilus sleep system and WOW expensive! :shocked: Anybody have one of these beds or does anyone have a good recommendation on another bed. Looking for a KING!

Well after two exhausting days of laying on probably close to 300 beds including a select confort and a Natilus we decided on a normal mattress. The big thing I didn't like about the Select comfort or Natilus (besides the price of course) was the drop off from one side to the other when moved close to the wife. Her side was softer than mine and I felt a definite drop off from side to side. I also learned alot about coils and numbers of them in a bed but thats a whole other thread. We finally came to the Matress gallery in Beaverton and were introduced to a Stearns and Foster Eurotop bed and WOW!!! This bed has to be the most comfortable bed we layed on by far out of everything! Actually we get it tomorrow because it isn't made till its ordered as they are hand made. The price was 3000 to start but remembering the info from here we were able to get the bed for 1870.93 with a heavy duty frame, box spring, Matress pad sheets and free delivery!!! Also got the Stain guard protection on it. Awesome deal I thought and a great guy to work with. Still get a 30 day sleep trial but I am sure I won't send this bed back! Well that was what I found out and thanks to everyone who answered my first question! Tim

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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

I don't know anything about the Nautilus bed, but I know a little about the company. The company makes good money through extensive marketing. That means some significant amount of the price of the bed is devoted to something other than sleep comfort.

Consumer reports a while back did a review on mattreses. You might look that up at the library. If I recall correctly, they said a couple of things:

1) coil count on the springs was important for durability.

2) The manufacturuers produce a bewildering number of different models so that dealers can stock slightly different models to keep you from comparing price.

3) There isn't that much difference in the technology between manufacturers.

4) Prices in the store are negotiable.

This was a couple of years ago, maybe things have changed.
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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

In a past life I was a furniture salesperson for the now-defunct Smith's Home Furnishings. Let's seem if I can channel that long-dead spirit from the afterworld and see what he has to say...aaaahhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Grog make flat, round rock, call it "Wheel".

(Whoops! Too far back!)


So what will it take to get you into this bed today?

Wow, I hope that's the furniture sales life. Let's find out...

1) Coil count on the springs was important for durability.

Sort of. There are cheap manufacturers that take this to the extreme by putting in over a thousand springs into their bed, but the quality is so poor that it's a detriment. What good is having all of those springs when they're garbage, thin-gauge wire?

2) The manufacturuers produce a bewildering number of different models so that dealers can stock slightly different models to keep you from comparing price.

Close. Retailers license the fabrics and model names from the bed manufacturers so that no retailer has the same looking and named bed in any given area. The insides are what count, of course, and the good bed salesperson knows which bed in their line matches with which bed at their competition. If the salesperson says that they don't, then either they are monumentally stupid or they know that the competition has them beat.

3) There isn't that much difference in the technology between manufacturers.

Mostly the difference between manufacturers at a given quality level is gimmick. Simmons has their pocketed coils, which is different from any other design, but even there it has good and bad aspects to the design. The best manufacturer at a given store is usually the one handing out the biggest spiffs at the moment.

4) Prices in the store are negotiable.

Abosolutely they are, by at least 5-10%, maybe more, and especially on cash deals. FInancing costs the store, so they won't be as willing to mark down for that. Start at 15%, and go from there.

Also, replace your box spring at the same time as the mattress. The box is more than just a platform; it supports the mattress the way the mattress supports you. If you put the mattress on an old box spring, not only will it void your warranty, but it will also wear your new mattress out quicker.

Okay, time to stuff those repressed memories back into the box...
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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

What a coincidence! We just recently bought a new airbed, and it was not a Nautilus! As nice as the Nautilus is, they are very expensive.

We got a great deal on a Cerulean made by Comfortaire at Price includes shipping, with a 20 year warranty, (Though it appears that the last 15 are pro-rated).

It goes together in about 30 minutes, and when you are done it looks like a regular mattress! It even fits our old waterbed frame, and will also fit on a box springs.

You can check out user comments also on Epinions
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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

Beds are highly negotiable. Go at the end of the month/quarter. They work like car lots...trying to hit their quotas.
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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

For what its worth, you might check out a TempurPedic mattress. I laid on one at the Home Show and almost fell asleep. Simply awesome.

In addition to the Nautilus bed there is also the "Select Comfort" adjustable (air) bed. Works under the same principle of being abot to separate control firmness on each side of the bed.

Also most of these manufacturers have a 60-90 day "trial" period. This requires a credit card deposit, but it could be a good way to take one for a test drive.

Let us know what you find out.
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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

Unless you have room for a king size bed I would stay away from an air bed. I had an air bed from Select Comfort for a couple of years.

This was the worst bed I have ever slept on. [img]graemlins/berry.gif[/img]

Every morning I would wake up with an aching back. On a Queen size bed the individual air mattresses are to small.

I tried every type of bed after my last waterbed to try to find a comfortable bed without using a regular dead bed mattress.

After years of trying I finally tried a mattress from Beautyrest. (you know the one they drop the bowling ball on).

Bingo the perfect mattress. I would highly recomend the Beautyrest with a good pillow top.

If you buy the air bed good luck. I hope you like it better than I did. It is a lot of money to waste.


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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

Geek - do you really think the box spring makes a difference??

I have a real problem believing that an expensive box spring would do a better job than a solid platform covered in plywood. :whazzup: :whazzup: The box spring really has no give/springs in it to speak of, or at least the spendy one I bought last go round didnt. As near as I can tell, it just sits there and supports the mattress, and any solid frame would do the same.

I could be way off here, but am curious if others think the box spring is something more than an expensive support for the mattress.
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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

I can not vouch for the natuls bed but we did recently purchase a select comfort bed. I can honestly say that I have never slept so well in my life. I was looking at the 7000 series and would have purchased that model except for the $3000.00 price tag.
My wife and I have been looking for a new bed for a while. We had a king size waterbed for a long time but I could not sleep well on it. would always wake up sore and not well rested. We purchased what was sapose to be a very good bed and what do you know. Still sore. I have been looking at airbeds for a long time. After some reserch We decided that the Select comfort was the one. One day we got a factory offer for referbished model 4000. After looking at them in the store we decided to purchase one. Although not a plush as the 7000 models the price was right. Set up was not bad and with the addition of a memoryfoam pad no more waking up with pain. Also my wife has mild arthritis in her back and the bed has helped her. Just my personal experience. Good luck
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Default Re: Nautilus Sleep systems or ??---UPDATE!!

Another [img]graemlins/applause.gif[/img] for Select Comfort.
Have lower back problems from injury 25 years ago and standard type matresses were not cutting it. Spent $1,600 on spring /coil type and had same morning backaches.
Finally decided to try the Select Comfort for the (90) ? day trial and couldn't be more pleased. That was about 5-6 years ago. Still works great - the part about you and the wife being able to have different settings for firmness on two halves of the bed is so true - it works. We have the king and it is fine. Built my own base unit which sits in the old bedframe.
My inlaws bought one on our recommendation and they are pleased as well.
Just my experience and .02 - your mileage may vary. :grin:
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