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Default First ever gun

Well, I did something this week that I have wanted to do for a long time. I got a new cocking lever for my Model 120 Daisy. It has been broken for probably 30 years. Thanks to the power of the internet, I found a replacement. Still shoots (slowly)! I think I got this gun for Christmas when I was 8.

The gun that is a dead ringer is a current Daisy Buck model that I got a couple of weeks ago for the kids. The Red Ryder is too big. Maybe in a couple of years.

I'd love to see/hear about your first guns.

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: First ever gun

My first bee-bee gun was a Crossman. 10-pump, I even had a scope for it. Loved that thing! Me and my buddy would go out into the orchards for hours and shoot at everything.

One day, I had my gun fully cocked and loaded. I was walking with it pointed down, and CRACK! I shot my foot. I think the bee-bee is still in there. I told my mom it was my friend that shot me. To this day, 30 years later I still stick to that story. She even still brings it up about once a year.
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Crashin' Bait
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Default Re: First ever gun

Be careful! You'll shoot yer eye out, Ralphie!

Being bass ackward, my first gun was a Remington 870 Wingmaster. I bought a Crossman bb/pellet gun later for plinking in the backyard. I did a stoopid thing one day with that Crossman. There was a pile of pvc conduit in the backyard, including some sweeping 90's. I thought it would be cool to shoot around the corner. Well like other best laid plans, that bb didn't want to curve with the pipe. I ended up going to the emergency dept to get it dug out of the fleshy part of my left hand. Never did that, again.

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Default Re: First ever gun

Air pistol actually. Revolver type and you dropped the BB in the cylinder individually. Felt like Dirty Hairy with that thing.
Can't remember shooting myself other than the old blank shot testing the air. I bet that was a bad idea in retrospect (luckily I never took a BB to the hand) but we all got to learn.

Congrats on finding the lever for the old Daisy. So awesome keeping those memories alive.
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Diver Killer
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Default Re: First ever gun

My first was a plastic-stocked Daisy. Went out shooting with a friend one day, me using my brothers pump, my friend using mine. He thought it would be funny to shoot me with it....he'd dump a bunch of BB's down the barrel and scatter-gun me from afar. I finally got pi$$ed, took the gun from him, and slung it off in the brush of a steep clear-cut. As it was spinning through the air, out of sight, I remembered it was mine. Looked for over an hour but never found it. Over 20 years later and I still miss that gun.
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Tide Change
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Default Re: First ever gun

Very cool Merganser99. I still have mine which i got when I around was 5 or 6.

I still have memories from the time I pretended it was a Tommy gun. Cocked it, left the lever hanging straight down so it looked like a 50 round clip, and then pulled the trigger.

Only did that once.
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Default Re: First ever gun

Crossman air gun. I am sure it is still in my closet at my moms house. I once broke the window of a hay swather when I was about 8 years old. I was trying to impress a year older cousin who was also a boy scout by setting up a can, aiming and shooting it as quickly as I could. I missed the can and hit the swather window that I had not seen was 15 yards behind it parked under a shed. I got my gun taken away for a few days and had to pay 10 dollars towards a new window. I felt awful when it happened I was so afraid to tell my grandpa what I had done. Now all I can do is look back and laugh about it.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: First ever gun

my first bb gun was a crossman 10 pump. iwant to get my daughter one the pink daisy's.
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Default Re: First ever gun

When I was 5 0r 6 my dad gave me a Daisy BB gun. He took me into our backyard in NE Portland and had me practice shooting a pop can from about 50 feet. One day our neighbors, who disliked us, called the police. The officer laughed it off and offered a couple tips on steadier aiming. It helped and I am grateful. A single-shot .410 came next, then a .32 Special Winchester lever, my 1st deer rifle at age 8. All enjoyable and efficient.
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Default Re: First ever gun

My family didn't allow us to have/own BB guns (although later, even after I had my first "real" gun I bought one) as they thought kids were careless with them and didn't observe proper gun safety rules as they would with something like a .22 rimfire rifle.

When I was 12 my Grandmother took me out and taught me how to shoot using her pristine Remington Mod. 12C .22 Pump repeater.

On my 14th birthday she gave me her equally pristine Colt Hammerless "Baby .25" Automatic (pistol).

(Now how Politically Correct would that be in today's world? )

I still have and cherish both the Baby .25 Auto (in its Pre-War Geo. Lawrence holster with SWASTIKA snap on the flap ) and the Remington pump rifle.

All I can say is that they sure DON'T MAKE "everyday" firearms now like they did when she bought those!

(If you're doing it "right" you "talk to" Ducks!)
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