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Ifish Nate
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Default humminbird uni-map gps - reviews?

I was looking at Humminbird's 580c gps/sonar. I noticed it comes standard with what humminbord calls "uni-map" software. (I know the map software can be upgraded)

Does anyone have a review of this unit and it's software?

The other model I was looking at is the 383c gps/sonar. This has a color display, the software is the same.

Reviews of this unit?

Is color worth the xtra $$$?

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Default Re: humminbird uni-map gps - reviews?

I'm in the same situation as you so I'm looking forward to any replies. I'm looking at the 788CI Combo and trying to decide if I should upgrade to the NVB version with the advanced maps. After being out with friends with both Eagle color and monochrome, I am not even going to consider monochrome. Color is so much easier to view.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: humminbird uni-map gps - reviews?

They are detailed enough to let you know weather or not you are in the water . Also they have some channel markers that is about it! Get the Navionics chip, you will be much happier you did.
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Rick on Rogue
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Default Re: humminbird uni-map gps - reviews?

I have a 595c Combo. I bought Hot Maps with it and do not know what the unimap looks like on my unit. I did play with the demo unit in the store (Joe's). I moved the cursor to my favorite lake and it was disappointing at best (Unimap), just a very 'blockey' outline. Also be aware that the power on the smaller units is 250 watts or 300 watts, to mark trout and other fish with small or no air bladder, you need at least 500 watts to really get the best results. I love my 595c Combo though and it does a great job. I troll 99.7% of the time and the Hot maps chip for my lakes gives me contour/depth lines to follow and they are very accurate. For the money $499 plus the hotmap chip, I got what I paid for. The gps has performed flawlessly. If and when I replace it I may look at sometning in the 700 series, but then again the price goes way up. 'catch 22'
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