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Default Crescent City CA Tuna

Now Salty Dogs, I know this isn't Oregon, but as a participating member of this fabulous board, I feel compelled to report.

The Siskiyou County CA and Klamath Falls OR contingent of tunaholics anonymous made yet another venture into the briny blue in search of albacore tuna. We decided to go to Crescent City as the SST's looked promising and heck, it's a shorter drive. We pulled out of the harbor about 7:15 and headed out on a 224 heading towards what looked good on the latest Terrafin SST shot. At 14 nm out of CC, we hit a tremendous temp break that changed close to two degrees in about 100 yards up to 61 degrees. Nobody home however and after trolling another two miles or so, finally found a rather large body of albacore at : 41 37/124 31 between 16 and 17nm off CC (at 62.8 degrees).

We got all we wanted and were done by 1100 (17 between the two boats) - left them biting. BIG fish, 20-30 pounds, hiting most combos of greens and yellows. It started as a slow pick but got very close to wide open towards the end.

We ended up looking for meter marks (no jumpers) and casting swim baits(Storm Wildeye Bunker and Fish Trap Channel Island Anchovy). The Storm bait outfished the fish trap as we landed our last three fish "blind casting" (no jumpers). Pretty darn good fishing. Ocean started out lumpy but ended up very nice. Go gettum while you can. Cheers...Bob

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Mark Mc
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Default Re: Crescent City CA Tuna

Hi Bob, I always enjoy your reports, regardless of which side of the "line" you are on. From the reports on the various chat boards, it looks like Ft Bragg to the border has some hot water with big breaks, big schools of albies, and a few exotics mixed in. So when the heck are we going to see you post a report about dorado or bluefin? I know you can do it!! Go get em....Mark

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