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Quasimodo the fish killer
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Default tides and salmon fishing

Hello I was hoping i could get a little info on what tides are the best for salmon. I dont ocean fish much but with everyone killin them a buddy of mine and I were thinking about going out tomorrow the question is with high tide at 5:38 am and 4.9ft and lot tide at 11:40 am and a 1.5 there isnt much of a change.

I was wondering what time would be the calmest to go out I have heard you want to fish the incomming and not the outgoing and vice versa I am lost on that stuff since I ocean fish about once every 5 yrs. [img]graemlins/dork.gif[/img]

any of you crusty old sea captains have any words of wisdom? [img]graemlins/1zhelp.gif[/img] we were thinking either going out of newport or winchester bay if that makes any difference thanks for your help

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Default Re: tides and salmon fishing

Newport has been on fire for my boat lately for the salmon. The bar shouldn't be an issue no matter what time you cross in the morning. We have found the bite to be red hot until about 8:30 or so then taper off. Good luck and post your results
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Default Re: tides and salmon fishing

Depends on boat size, but this is a very minimal exchange and I wouldn't worry about either bar. High at 5:38, both bars should be flat at any normal take-off time 5:00 - 7:00. Newport was flat today going out at 7:00 and coming back at 12:00. The ocean was beautiful.

In-coming, out-going, who knows. I fish the ocean when I have a day off, and head out as early as I can manage to talk all my crew into getting up (but I am the worst for late rising).

Newport gave up 123 lb. of Salmon to 3 of us today - see http://www.ifish.net/ubb/ultimatebb....;f=21;t=002264 . I was at Winchester last weekend and we did well, with most fish Coho in the 23 - 25" range. Threw back lots of natives and lost lots of fish too. Some big Chinooks were caught at Winchester also, but not the numbers I see coming from Newport, and I was not lucky enough to catch any.

If the conditions are like they were today, it should be a great day, but check here - http://www.boatoregon.com/Library/CoastalGuide.pdf for bar crossing info for Newport/Winchester and heed their suggestions about staying out of certain areas like the reefs at Newport South and North of the jetty, and the North jetty (and tips) at Winchester.

Take a VHF as your lifeline to the Coast Guard, and GPS to navigate out and back in the fog that was present all day today. There are many other safety consideration to think about - be safe.
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Default Re: tides and salmon fishing

Many thanks to Orca and all the other salty dogs as they know what is happening or can happen out there. Becasue of the Dogs, I have added a marine radio and a gps to my river boat and was really glad to have it last weekend when the fog rolled in between me and land and all I could see was fog.

Quasimodo, You gotta carry a compass and a radio as safety items. Don't take any chances as when you are out there, the fog can make you feel really small and alone. Alone in not good on the ocean. Find a boat to keep sight of and make sure he has a radio if you don't.

Wear your PFD while out there. If you fish on my boat you wear them becasue I do not want to answer why not to your widow. Even more important is that if you don't like the water get off it. Common sense is great but only if we apply it.

Have fun enjoy the trip and be safe. That way, we all get kitchen passes another day.

*Fish only bite wet hooks*
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Quasimodo the fish killer
Join Date: May 2003
Location: Eugene Oregon
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Default Re: tides and salmon fishing

Thanks guys the boat is an 18ft alumaweld intruder with a sport jet, we just installed a new vhs radio and a lowrance 18c the boat is sea worthy but a lil small for my likes and I would rather be cautious I have only been out in the ocean a few times but it was in a 25 foot boat. anyway thanks again for the info
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: tides and salmon fishing

The fish at PC bite anytime and all the time, high tide low tide slack tide any tide. They even bite bare hooks with a piece of Aluminum Foil.

"If doing the right thing was easy, everyone would do it"
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Default Re: tides and salmon fishing

Based on this weekends results, the bite was good for us out of Winchester at first light for chinooks and big coho. This would have been just after high tide, starting to go out. The bite slipped to almost no existent at about 8:30-9:00 both days in the shallower water, and we had to move from 210 feet of water to 310 feet of water to get back into coho, but not any chinook. The bit was good all day once you found the fish, but the chinooks were up top in the first light, and in closer right after the flood.
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