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Default Gill net??

The thread about catching inanimate objects reminded me to post my discovery when pulling anchor on the willamete several weeks ago. We were out in front of Swan Island and the rocker arm caught a rope and we pulled up a bunch of tangled rope with small lead clamped on it every so often. The last of it was secured to the bottom and we couldn't budge it. Not sure if it is a gill net or not but didn't think any netting was allowed on the Willamette?

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Default Re: Gill net??

That is lead line, which could be found on the bottom of a net. More likely, it was used as anchor line, and you found what the original person did. The anchor is stuck.

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Default Re: Gill net??

Many years back, I was fishing with my dad below Cathlamet for sturgeon. We were near the main channel and were fishing a pretty deep slot. When it came time to leave, we could not budge the anchor by hand (this was before the pully system). Soooo.....we cleated the anchor rope off of the stern and gave it all she had. We busted the anchor in half and managed to pull up a pretty good chunk of gillnet that was obviously wrapped around a stump or rock deep in the river. That was some tough net!
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