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Joe Schmo
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Thumbs down Snagging rig... (pic)

What if you were drifting down a river this fall for Chinook, a river that had a terrible run by the way. You slid through a hole where there were some guys backbouncing spin-n-glows+sandshrimp in the top of the hole and a boat anchored off of the middle of the hole with three guys plunking down on the bottom and setting the hook willy nilly. VERY low water conditions. One of the snaggers... I mean 'plunking' fisherman wildly sets hook and promptly breaks off on the bottom....a few minutes later his rig comes floating down by my boat. I pick it up and here is what it is.

A couple of the guys in the "plunking" boat had dust masks on like they had deadly allergies or a terminal disease or something. If I hadn't been so ****** off I would have gone and talked to them or done something. I mean it was pretty obvious what they were doing but to take the time to tie up such an elaborate rig just to snag....ok there's my snagging rant.

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Friendly Fisher
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

classic! That set up is illegal in WA but not in OR.
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

We called them kind "line watchers." Very common practice in many areas.
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

I rarely fish the Salmon river any more because of these guys... BTW, corkie plunking does work but you HAVE to let the fish actually pick up your offering and start to swim off with it before you even think about setting that hook. I have never snagged a fish doing this, and have caught a few.
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

Traditionally called "tight liners" and very eff0ective. There is a traditional lure called fenton fly desinged the same.
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

Please excuse my ignorance, but how does this rig actually work?
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

I have the same question, how does that rig work? Is it really a snagging rig? the ones I have seen usually include lots of wieght close to or on the hook.
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

This rig could snage a fish ,but if this rig is fished rite it can catch fish in the mouth thay will bite it. You have to know what the bite is. There is a line bump and a bite.If you don't know the diff. and set the hook on a line bump you will most likley snage a fish but not always. I have seen this rig hook fall chinook all inside the mouth.
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Dave G
King Salmon
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

I could see that rig snagging the heck out of fish. I use to corkie at the Salmon river, but I do not do that after I see most people setting the hook every 30 seconds.
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Smile Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

Originally Posted by motoxaaron03 View Post
Please excuse my ignorance, but how does this rig actually work?
It is designed to float up off the bottom, to stay in the strike zone. If fished correctly, you wait until a fish picks it up and swims away and you set the hook. With a true "bite", often you will feel your line go slack, then a very defined "Tug,Tug" feeling transmitted through your rod. (forgot to mention you plunk it, usually in tidewater. Reel your line tight and wait.. aka "tightlining") The problems arise when instead of a "Tug, Tug", you have a sharp (and this is hard to put into words) jerk, or yank. Its usually one or two quick hits.. That is when a fish does a drive by, bumping into your line.Aka "Line-bumps". Here is where it gets tricky. Alot of people yank on every line bump, resulting in many foul hooked fish. A true "Pro Tightliner" (and I know a couple), can consistantly hook fish in the mouth. It is sometimes referred as "Flossing".. If you truely know the difference, and yank on every "Line bump" IMO, you should be ashamed of yourself!
I wont get on a soap box about it, because that is how I learned to fish for Chinook..But I met an old timer who always bobber fished, with eggs and sand shrimp. It seemed like he always got his fish. And they were almost alway Chromers! One day I was next to him, and he was standing "On-Point", locked and loaded. I could sense it was about to happen, and sure enough, I watched that bobber get heavy.. Tug once, and then just like in Jaws, it took off sideways and plugged about 3 feet over from where the bite started.. He reared back, and gave a 49 pound mint-chrome buck a Gamakatsu Root Canal.. I netted that fish for him, and the hen he caught the next cast.. He took them up to his car, then he came back down and asked me if I wanted to catch a fish.. "Heck yes!" I said! He told me to reel in my "snaggin rig" and handed me his rod, all baited up and told me to cast where he had.. I'll never forget the site when that bobber plugged.. I set the hook, and landed my first, then just a few minutes later, my second bobber chinook...Both twin hens, in the mid twenties. He showed me how to bleed them, and take care of the eggs. I offered them to him, and he only took one of 4 skeins. That day he took the time to show me how to do it, how to rig a slider bobber. I have been hooked ever since! It's not that I wont fish corkies anymore.. I drift them for chinook all the time if there is enough current.. With eggs though.. Same for steelhead.. Wont leave home without them.. But that old guy summed it up for me about tightlining.. He asked me if I knew what would happen if the fish didnt bite his bait.. I answered no.. He said " I dont catch one".. I havent tightlined since..
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

A lot of the time this will hook fish on the outside of the mouth also.

Picture this, the salmon is swimming upstream opening and closing its mouth naturally. As it swims by your line it catches it in its mouth and your leader slides through its mouth until the hook catches on the outside corner of its mouth. You feel the tug and set the hook, fish on! It will fight like it bit and you probably wont know until you get it in (unless you are a seasoned flosser and know where it is most likely hooked) that it is not inside the mouth. This is the reason that most fisherman consider "flossing" unethical and frown upon it. Yet I see a whole lot of people doing it every year....
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

mint flavor?
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

Originally Posted by Klamath_King View Post

mint flavor?
I'm pretty sure this is a coho rig, primarily fished on the lewis/and or eagle creek.

no no not to start another rant, but this is a productive way to approach an active issue because many people would not recognize this rig, and its good to pass aong knowledge this way without ranting and raving and directing energy in a negative manner
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Default Re: Snagging rig... (pic)

That's the classic Salmon River "gigging" rig, designed to snag into a fish wherever it can after the line fish crosses the line. Not even close to ethical, but also not explicitly illegal unless "intent to snag" can be established.
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