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Default Kalama River

I have read some good things about the Kalama river and was wondering if i could get some advice. I have never fished the river before but i thought i'd give it go. I plan to drift fish from the bank. I hear that bobber and shrimp work well and not to use roe because of the smolts. I'm just looking for some general knowledge on the river so any and all feedback is appriciated.



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Friendly Fisher
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Default Re: Kalama River

I fish the Kalama 3 days a week. The smolt #'s have dropped and you are ok with eggs again. I bobber fish with shrimp and eggs. Good luck, oh ya, you better get there before daylight if you want to get a decent spot.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Kalama River

Itís a zoo combat fishing at its worst, people sleeping in their anchored boats overnight and bankies on the river at 2:30 am to get their spot, and this is from someone that likes fishing drano
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Default Re: Kalama River

small red corkie and a teeny tiny bid of cured eggs in a loop for summer steelhead.
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Fred N
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Default Re: Kalama River

Originally Posted by drano100 View Post
Itís a zoo combat fishing at its worst, people sleeping in their anchored boats overnight and bankies on the river at 2:30 am to get their spot, and this is from someone that likes fishing drano
This is a true statement as I too fish this river. It was and is still one of my favorite rivers, but with ever increasing populations and the internet this river has become one of the circuit rivers for combat fishing. If you do not mind this, the Kalama can be awesome at times. I guess it is a love hate place to go! Fish on, take care - Fred
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Default Re: Kalama River

Of all places, I too, consider this my home river. Fish it religiously for winter steelhead and fall coho but have refused to go for springers because of the traffic this year. When I walk into beginners hole at 4:45am and see 7 boats in the hole, some still sleeping, it just kinda takes the fun out of it. It does produce fish but not enough to fight the zoo for me. Lots of other places to get fish without fighting for them.
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Default Re: Kalama River

I also have been fishing the Kalama alot. This is the first year I have started really bank fishing it though. I usually use my drift boat. I have had nobody to go with me though so I have been banking it a lot more. I would say that the fishing is good but not worth all of the chaos. With the water this low the fish are very spookey. I would try fishing high at the canyon maybe the painted rock. It is low up there but the fish seem to stack up. I would try bobber and shrimp or egg or jig plain or tipped with prawn or shrimp but it will probably yield nothing with so much pressure on the river and pretty much everyone firing that exact combination. Try going a little bit smaller and use different things such as plugs, spoons, flies, I think that a wee wart or something similar to it with the right coloring casting from the bank would catch fish. I have had some pretty good success doing this when the fish are spooked. Also, try a small clump of eggs, parwn, shrimp or any combination of them above blue maribaou with white, blue, pink, or red head draw eyes on your jig head with a sharpie. To rig this just simply make an egg loop with a hook that is consistent to witch bait you will be using and then trail a jig about 2-4 inches below it. This is a killer and will entice almost any steelie or springer. My favorite bait to use is a red prawn meat with a white headed blue maribaou with red eyes. This will catch fish.
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