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Default Wedgewood propane oven help needed

Hoping an RV person might help with this issue.....
Our travel trailer has a wedgewood (Atwood) propane range/oven.
The pilot light system, as the sensor probe is under the pilot light flame, it does not get hot enough to operate the valve to send gas to the oven burner. Having called the factory and he says, yep that is correct, the sensor probe goes on the bottom. So, i reverse the pilot light system and turn it over so the flame is under the probe. It fires the burner now but makes a large 'puff' and blows the pilot flame out also.
The trailer is a '99 and the oven has never been used because it doesn't work the way it is from the factory
Oh, the match is where the probe goes

Anyone know how to get the pilot system to work correctly ??

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Default Re: Wedgewood propane oven help needed

It has to do with the distance between the pilot, the pre-burner and the main burner. We have an old stove and it takes a bit of tweaking (bending) at about a 1/16" at a time. You need to get the pilot to light the pre-burner and then the main burner without blowing out the pilot (as you well know). The biggest hurdle is the distance between the pilot and pre-burner. Just keep trying. Hope this helps.
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