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Default Best time to go too East Cape of Baja

Won a five day stay at a place in Buena Vista, Wpndered when is best time to go for fishing and weather. Late June, July, August, and Sept are out - too much fishing up here and heat down there is just too much for me.

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Default Re: Best time to go too East Cape of Baja

Flat, I have been to Buena Vista in Feb and June. Fishing was marginal in Feb. Great in June. In the winter the water temp was only mid to high 60's and the north wind will sometimes blow for days on end. Some of the East Cape resorts even shut down in the winter because the fishing is off.

Water is still warm in Oct and early Nov, it isn't as hot, and I hear the fishing can still be very good then.

Are you at the Buena Vista Hotel Resort? My wife and I stayed there in June and enjoyed it very much. Unless you are going to fish everyday, I would recommend renting a car at the Cabo airport. Lots of beaches to explore with a surf pole, good diving reef at Cabo Pulmo, restaurants in Los Barreles.

have a nice trip.
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Default Re: Best time to go too East Cape of Baja

Congrats on the prize!
I just got back from a week in Los Barriles - we timed it intentionally to avoid the more hurricane-prone early October time period, but still got hit by a tropical storm.
Late April-early May is very nice, but there seems to be better offshore fishing in late October - early November. Most of the bigger tournaments are scheduled in the latter part of October. Having said that, East Cape in the Spring is a wonderful break from a Winter of rain.
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Default Re: Best time to go too East Cape of Baja

Went down around US Thanksgiving one year-too late/water too cold/wind too strong/few fish around.
Make it earlier if you can.
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Default Re: Best time to go too East Cape of Baja

Go mid June if that's the lastest you can go. Fishing heats up as the temp goes up!

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Default Re: Best time to go too East Cape of Baja

Flat; I went down to buena vista in the first two weeks of march and we didnt do well for stripes, but we drove up to Muertose Bay and caught lots of yellow fin. It was a blast! we also caught bonita and they were also a great fight. Not so good table fair though, the dogs wouldnt even eat them. It seem like if we would have gone down in April though, things would have been a little better for the billfish. We stayed in a house just down from the buena vista resort, so we spent a little time in the bar there NICE PLACE. Just a note though if you walk up the beach a bit there is a little grass hut out if front of the next resort that hase the best drinks in Mexico. Cheep to! bring a rod to fish from shore in front of the resort, lots of Sierra(good eating and fun to fish for). Hope this helps .
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