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Default Building a trout pond

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to build a trout-friendly pond? My wife and I are buying some land that has a pond dug near a seasonal creek. It's timberland and the pond is really there in case of wildfire. Ideally, I would have water running in and out while the creek flows. I want this thing to be as trout friendly as possible because there are fish in the creek when flowing. I'd also like to be able to "shut her down" in the case of big flows. Any insight is appreciated.

There is a good book called "Neversink" I'm reading now that is about improving a river for fish habitat, but only so much translates. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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Default Re: Building a trout pond

I know there is a guy on WESTFLY that has built a trout pond (or is in the process of doing it) may want to try posting over there and see what kind of a response you get...
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Default Re: Building a trout pond

Interesting subject.

I would have a few questions for you.

Where is the pond ? What part of the State ?
How much surface area is there ?
How deep is it ?
Is there shade ?
Is there year round running water ?

Trout like cool temperatures and lots of Oxygen to breath.
I body of water with lots of organic materials is best as this is what supports insect life.

There are consultants available for hire.

Talk to Bruce Harpole of Oregon fishing Club.

He is an expert at maitaining and stocking trout ponds.

They can be a headache and they can be a joy it just depends on the location etc. etc.

And then there are the weeds............

Sounds like fun if you have the money....
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Default Re: Building a trout pond

If trout won't work maybe local panfish will.
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Default Re: Building a trout pond

I would second the "other site" post. The guy from Hillsboro is doing a really thorough job of researching and really doing it right- it would be very insightful to talk with him! He is one of those rare guys that has every reason to be arrogant and snobbish and instead is incredibly modest and down to earth. Just a super nice guy. Dave
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Default Re: Building a trout pond


The guy's name is Royal and he is an outstanding individual & catches a lot of big trouts.

Good luck!
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Default Re: Building a trout pond

try talking to the folks at Horning's Hideout in North Plains, they have built a couple.
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Default Re: Building a trout pond

Remember, you can mention any other site that you would like.
It's no secret, and we, in fact, encourage people to visit other sites. :smile:


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Default Re: Building a trout pond

I dug and built an acre troutpond adjoining the Mahwah River (Really a 20' wide 1' deep creek) in Suffern, NY from 1962 until it was finally completed in 1965. The main lesson to be learned is be patient. When you dig, you never know what is underneath. After deciding to use a D8 Dozer for the job (the cheapest way) instead of a big Clam shell, the contracter, after removing sand to a 5' depth, was really sorry when he first hit 7 separate cold springs and later, quicksand (sand + pure clay) - and the dozer went 10' down. He went bankrupt.
A few years later another contractor finished the job by dragging a large shell, so I was finally thrilled with a 12'deep spring fed pond, with sand berms between the creek and the pond, shored with rip-rap.
The original engineering design called for an upstream inlet
Box(about 5'x5'x5'), piped about 200' to the pond, then a poured concrete dam empting into the creek. The first unlucky contractor adhered to the original inflow-outflow design before he lost his rig.
All that inlet stuff proved unnecessary because the springs provided all the fresh water I needed. Eventually, I closed up and buried all the inlet hardware. The water in the pond below 5' always remained at 55 degrees. Not only did my trout (4 or 5 varieties thrive, but incredibly they reproduced.
You should know that the dig was conducted in marshland adjoining the creek directly on the Ramapo fault. We didn't have to line the pond-bed with clay because leakage was not a problem. The water level always was even with the creek. You, on the other hand, might have to prevent leakage.
That is why I believe you would be smart to bore or dig a few test holes- 1'-15' to see what you got. Hard rock may be an unsurmountable problem unless you are willing to blast.
So, I suggest first that you find a really good engineer. Dig or bore a few test holes. Take soil and water samples. Do the thing in stages so you know for certain what the problems are. Good Luck!
Just knock. I'll answer any questions I can. My E-mail is available from ifish.
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