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Ifish Nate
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Default Miller Lake Report

Well just got back! First I would like to thank OdieWon and stickfish. You guys were a big help! Got there thursday at noon! Boy what a rough road! 12 miles of washboads, took an 1 1/2 for 12 miles! Set up camp, nice beautiful day, launched boat and brought over to camp! Me and Ezra dog (black lab) went out and put out the new electric down rigger and fished for about 2 hrs and caught a couple nice 15" browns. Went back and took a little nap and went out that evening only to repeat except for the 7" koke on a worm! Then it started to snow, then the fishin got hot! Friday snowed all day! got a 17.5 and 24 , kept those and released about 12 more in the 14 to 16 range. Saw one at the surface that was 10lbs+. Saturday the weather went nice again, and the fishin slowed down. So I loaded the boat and brought it back to camp! Had dinner, then went down to shore with my lantern and dog (splashing fish and lab nothead) and c/r about 6 nice ones in the 10 to 18" range in 45 mins or so! Thanks again! It was a Hoot!

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Default Re: Miller Lake Report

Hey great post and very nice pics..Nice one of the Baldy..

I am going to have to get over there one day..
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Bull Trout
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Default Re: Miller Lake Report

Nice post, thanks for sharing - the pictures are spectacular
those are some fat fish...
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Super Fluke
King Salmon
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Default Re: Miller Lake Report

Thanks for the report.
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Default Re: Miller Lake Report

Yep.........thats Miller Lake. One of the best kept fishing secrets in Oregon. I don't know if its the location or the bad road that keeps more people from going there. It is a great camping and fishing lake.

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Default Re: Miller Lake Report

Good on ya' Joemomma. Glad you had such a great fishing adventure. Glad I could be of assistance. I didn't make it over there this year for the first time in almost a decade. I won't make that mistake next year, believe me.

Good story and pics. Miller Lake is an awesome place.

Tight Lines,
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Default Re: Miller Lake Report

Sweet report! Thanks.
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Default Re: Miller Lake Report

glad the info was useful.

The kids and my wife are still mad at me for not taking them back a second time this year - we are there every fathers day weekend for the first trip of the year - The eagles are fun, the fishing is always fun and its just a great camp ground. But like I've said before - please do not go there ever :grin:

Next year I will not forget the fly rod
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