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Default Merwin was slooowww.....Swift was fast!

Started at 6:30am on Sat., by 10:15 we had only 3 kokanee- of no great size(10-11inches)- and the wind was relentless!
Bailed on the boredom and drove up to Swift Cr. Res. Fished around the mouth of the river for awhile catching only a couple trout. Then trolled down the south shoreline- catching a trout now and then. When we got nearly straight across from the ramp we began to see a lot of fish on the finder in about 40ft. of water- scattered from 30-40ft depths.
We used Needlefish, other homemade spoons, Castmasters, flies- they didn't seem too picky. The fun part was that they were mostly 12inchers, fat, and absolutely slammed our lures. At least 1 out of 3 would just rip the line off the releases of the downriggers and peel off line! All would pull so hard and make 2 or 3 runs from the boat- we weren't sure 'till we saw it how big it was going to be! We ended up catching 47 of these fiesty guys (kept 6)including 2 that were 17inchers. Oddly the big ones hardly fought at all - just came slowly to the boat .

These were all within a 100 yards of the ramp- as we trolled more west down the lake- we caught no fish- so we came back. There's probably another congregation of them somewhere-but that's another day......

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Default Re: Merwin was slooowww.....Swift was fast!

Right on!!!! Nothin like a day of slam dancing with trout..Way to go....
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Default Re: Merwin was slooowww.....Swift was fast!

Sounds like a fun day! I haven't been to swift yet, but I may just have to give it a try! I really want to go get more kokes, but with the URB's showing up the decision is tough! :whazzup:

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