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Default OMG fire quick turn around......NOW........

Neatless to say someone tonight did not make sure there fireworks were out before the put them in the trash can and well neatless to say they dont have a trash can anymore..........OOPPPSSS
So we are on our way home tonight after our fireworks activities in Lebanon and I happen to look down the old street, Hill st, and to my suprise there was a fire and NO ONE around.. I tell Jer stop turn around quick, quick, turn around fire... SO we turn around and to my suprise there was a garbage can completly melted and foreworks still going off in the garbage can..

Neatless to say EVERYONE on the blocks house lights are out, so I immedently call 911, the dispater asks me to stay at the scene till fire dept can get there.. To my suprise it took them longer then I would have thought but also, this little old guy comes out and says did you call that in I just heard it come across the scanner, and thought I better come out to check. neatless to say befire i left I had a few neighbors thank me, but the people whoms garbage can that was on fire were still inside out like a light. snoozing............... The grass was next to catch fire by the time the fire dept. got there, thankfully I happen to be there to call it in as it was pretty dead out there at 1215am....

Cant wait for summer...
Riding my 450R...
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Default Re: OMG fire quick turn around......NOW........

Good work and quick thinking.
�Conservation means the wise use of the earth and its resources for the lasting good of men.�
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