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King Salmon
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Default Re: Crab Bait

Some people rave about turkey legs. I've seen them work very well, sometimes even better than fresh salmon carcasses. Most importantly, Mr. Seal doesn't seem to have acquired the taste for Thanksgiving dinner yet.


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Default Re: Crab Bait

Turkey Legs are definately the item of choice, just strap them in with zip ties, and away you go. Very effective in Hood Canal.

Good Luck
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Default Crab Bait

I am wondering if anyone can tell me a good bait to use for crab that the damn seals don't find so appetizing? I am tired of feeding the ^#&$*$ things!

Ian.... You got one!!!!

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Bait O' Eggs
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Default Re: Crab Bait

I believe if a crab will eat it, a seal will also, I have not found the magical bait you seek. On the positive side every seal you feed is one more salmon/steelhead which possibly makes it thru the bay to spawning grounds.
I have been forced to use bait cages to deter the seals on open style crab traps. Small cages of chicken wire seem to be cheap to build and work well, but they rust out fairly fast.
Last time out I made some bait cages from 6 inch wide plastic gutter guards. The holes were so small the crabs could not feed and would not hold in the traps. Thier must be a readilly available plastic mesh material to make an effective bait cages from.
Full cage crab traps (commercial style) do keep the seals away from the bait best.
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Mr. Fisherman
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Default Re: Crab Bait

I have had great success with turkey legs and believe it or not with whole chickens!

I have never had a seal or sealion in my rings.

To make the turkey legs last longer freeze them!

As mentioned in another post, plastic zip ties work very well. One tip, You can cut away the old bait and leave a loop for next time. This might allow you to reuse the zip ties two or three times.

Hope this helps.

Where are you crabbin and having problems with seals/sealions?

Mr. Fisherman

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