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Cool Texan
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Default How to rig up a bobber/jig?

I know its probably really simple...but lets see how you rig yours. How deep is the jig? How big/small is it? Bobber type matter? Good bobber/jig water??

Just a slow day at the office, so I thought I'd ask. :grin:

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

Right now I have mine rigged for low clear water. West Coast small float, swivel tight onto fire line, 8 lb Ande Flourocarbon which is attached to a small jig with black and red for color. I like to fling this set up anwhere in the river that may be hidng that ususpecting steelhead. And I keep it off the bottom 6-12 inches!
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

I usually fish a beau mac or first bite jig with a small fixed thill float, forgot what size though.

tie the mainline to a small swivel and the other end with flourocarbon leader to jig.

splitshots in between on the leader.

This is the setup i'll use for low flow pools/drifts.
I honestly hate using this setup for anything faster than Slooow water.

with that I don't fish jigs in higher flows and never used heavier bobbers and weights.

I would like to hear thosesuccess tactics used for heavier bobber and inline weights for a jig presentation..
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Boat Monkey
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

I prefer the new Salmon Stalker bobbers at Outdoorsman Warehouse, the have the recommended weight to use with the bobber marked on the side.
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

i like the smallest of the thill slidder floats with a couple split shots ans a 1/8 or 1/4 ounce jig depending on flow. i like a floating main line for easy ments and i fish 8-12 pound test leaders again depending on conditions. for jigs i like pink and white beu macs or cerise or orange or red the depth of the jig can easily be moved to adjust for the conditions try to be no more than a foot off the bottom steelhead fishing has alot to do with conditions and being flexible to adjust for them not only in float and jig but all presentations. No one can tell you which bobber jig is the best for you you have to go out there and try it for your self for example i like sliding floats but the next guy likes fixed find a rig thats right for you and fish the heck outa it.
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Super Fluke
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

Fixed & slip floats depending on water flow and river depth.Jigs you can buy them or make your own.To answer your question it's all relevant to river conditions.
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

I like to fish current seams at five to six foot depth over eight to ten foot water. Hope that helps.

Good fishing,
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

good artical in latest ( i think, i am at work?) STS mag. Check it out.
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

I like the 1/8oz steelhead stalker with a Beau Mac white/pink 1/8oz jig rigged on a 24" leader with a swivel snap (several jigs/worms/wobblers/etc rigs can be tied to leaders and swapped as necessary) -- the long stick at the bottom of the float helps indicate bottom bumps and current effect and it's easy to slide to any point above the leader attachement to accomodate different depths.
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Default Re: How to rig up a bobber/jig?

Lots of different ways to do it. One of my favorites is with a float/bobber on the main line and then the jig tied directly to the main line. Simple and effective and easy for adjusting depth.

I started using the big ugly all plastic floats years ago when I first got into jig fishing. They definately don't have the finesse of the West Coast, Thill or Stalker floats, but I've had good luck with them. You can cast a mile on a level wind and see them from a long distance away. I usually use in the winter and spring but have caught a lot of fish with them in the low waters of summer. You use a matchstick to hold the float in place. When adjusting make several wraps around the matchstick below the bobber/float and shove in the end of it. You can pick em up on "that auction site" for around 40 cents a piece.

A close up of the jig.

I use all different types depending on how far I need to cast, stealth and water conditions.

You can see the Thill float in the top corner of this picture. The water was low and clear last winter for a while and I thought I would give it a try. One thing I did learn is the metal will come out of the balsa. The float is separated on this picture.

Jigs just depend on what I have tied up recently to try. Will use 1/8th oz and a lot of 1/4th oz in the winter. Have started playing with 1/16th oz and 1/32 oz. in the summer. Stand by are pink and white and peach or sometimes called shell pink and white. The stand by would have to be a hot pink and white Marabou. But hey they have whole fly shops full of material and I have only tried/bought half the things at the local shop so far. :grin:
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