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Default Re: Have smelt, need schooling

Your on! I'll E-mail you right now. I don't need much encouragement to instigate a day at the church and my new license needs some blood on it!

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Default Re: Have smelt, need schooling

I would love to take you out but my trailer is in dissrepair at this time. sorry

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Default Have smelt, need schooling

I have @10 lbs. smelt from last year, was wondering if anyone would offer a trip tommorrow (MON.),for me to learn more about sturgeon fishing. I know that the proper thing to do is go with a guide and ask questions. Problem is that those damn elves cleaned out my slush fund. I would also replace the gas used for this learning trip. Mrs. Clause just informed me that I also have some old salmon eggs to use. I'm off to get next years tags. Email me at- aklein@pcez.com
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