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Ifish Nate
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Default Prawn curing 101 pic heavy

Spent today curing up a bunch of prawns and thought I would share with all how easy it can be.

Start with some prawns. We let them thaw in a container.

Take some Amermans salmon cure (you can use steelhead if you are fishing for steelhead).

Pour a small layer over all of the prawns.

Flip the prawns and give them some more cure.

Once the prawns are covered well so that the cure is all over the prawns and evenly around the prawns, pour them into a container. For this we used a quart freezer bag.

A look into a filled bag. At this time you can add scent if you want.

The prawns will juice and disolve the cure.

Rotate the prawns every few hours, and after 2 or 3 days, depending on temperature (less time at warmer temps.), they will look like this.

We did some orange and did some red. You can also mix the two colors.

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Prawn curing 101 pic heavy

Most awsome Scott! Thanks for a great post, if the fish will not eat them I will! Love those red ones. I need to try them right now even.....
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The Overfishin Condition
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Default Re: Prawn curing 101 pic heavy

Side note- if you're leaving them in your regular fridge, or maybe even otherwise, it's worth doubling the freezer bag. If you're rotating them those little antenni are pretty sharp. They'll poke right through one bag no problem! Messy! Nice looking prawns! I just cured a huge batch myself (11 lbs.)

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