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Default Willamette panfish?

Howdy all,
I'm new to the board. I live in the Tigard area, and love fishing for panfish (and others, but not as much as panfish) and was wondering how the willamette is as far as panfishing goes. Would also like info for the Tualatin if there is any.

Usually I fish the Tualatin at Cook Park or Browns Ferry Park, fishing off the dock, or bank. Not real successful most of the time. Biggest fish I've pulled from the Tualatin came from Cook Park. I was fishing on the bottom with a nightcrawler to see what would hit. I pulled in a 1 lb largemouth. Nice looking fish. Also got some small yellow perch, and one *********. Browns Ferry has given up another near 1lb bass and a couple yellow perch. No gillies or crappie though. Kinda heartbreaking. I'm hoping to get some info on new spots to try.

Also, any information on the small creeks (like Fanno Creek, Ash Creek, Rock Creek) in Washington County would be good.

Tightlines, thanks in advance for any info.

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Default Re: Willamette panfish?

Welcome. The Willamette is full of panfish and bass as well as the salmonoids. There are plenty of places around Oregon City and above the falls for them. If you have a boat, you will have better access but there are many good bank spots. I would suggest just taking some time and searching. One good spot is about 5 miles south of O.C. on hsy 99E. You will see a big pull off on the right side. Park there and cautiously cross the railroad tracks and fish the back water sloughs there.

Another good place is Hagg Lake just outside of Forest Grove. State record smallmouth is from there. Lots of perch, Bass and crappie.

I never caught any in fanno creek but there might be some there.

Good luck.
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Default Re: Willamette panfish?

I've fished Hagg a lot. It's on the top of my list for panfishing in this area, the only thing stopping me from making a weekly trip out there is the parking fees. Money is tight rightnow, as my wife and I are just starting new jobs when school resumes. (We'll both be driving a bus for the West Linn - Wilsonville district) we tried going fishing today, but couldn't find anywhere. We started out by going to Wilsonville Pond, but that place was dead. I brought in a single bass fry, almost as small as the nymph I caught it with. There were a few small fish rising to unknown bugs in the middle of the lake, but we don't have a canoe or boat of anykind.

After almost getting heatstroke in the only decent place for backcasts, we got discouraged. So we decided to try somewhere else. We headed for the Clackamas, but it was FULL (so full, Clackamas County deputies were having cars towed from the side of hte road becuase of the hazard they were creating) We couldn't find a single pullout or park or open bank that didn't have two dozen swimmers, jetsleds, and sunbathers there. We headed for the only place on the Willamette we knew in the West Linn/OC area (Cedar Oak boatlaunch) and it was full too. We both got pretty bummed, as there was no where we could fish without hooking a swimmer, or having lines run over by jet skiers, jet sleds, or inner tubers. Last night I began teaching her how to fly cast (she's got the roll cast down well, now we're trying to get her back-forth casting down) I tried starting her on my 5 wt, but it is uncomfortable for her to use. She loves my 3 wt. I'm going to have to get her her own (probably going to get a 4 wt for a nice compromise.) rod when we can afford it. Already had to give her my ultralight spin rod because she loves it so much. That's ok...gives me reason to save for another rod. I'm wanting a 6 ft ultralight luhr-jensen. I *had* the 5'6'' rod, but now it's hers. She likes fishing rooster tail spinners. She outfishes me almost every time we go fishing. I've had a run of bad luck ever since I lost her favorite spinners (pink 1/16 ounce roostertail, 1/8 ounce green mepps)

Does anyone have *good* directions to the St. Louis Ponds? I know they're outside Gervais, but that's it. How's the fishing this time of year? What lures or flies work well for bank-anglers?

Thanks for the info.
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Default Re: Willamette panfish?


Don't EVER lose the wife's favorite spinner!!

There are certain flies and lures that I won't consider even tying onto my line. I'm not interested in trading my bed spot next to hers with the Malamute's abode! [img]graemlins/eek13.gif[/img]

For a little more bank fishing coverage, you were in the right area at Cedaroak. Next time, go to Mary S. Young State Park, just a bit farther up Hwy. 43. You'll have to walk quite a bit farther from the parking area, but you'll eventually have access to quite a bit of Willamette frontage, including some sturgeon spots, plus a footbridge which will take you to Cedar Island itself. From there, you can basically circumnavigate the island, fishing either the inner lagoon the or the main Willamette.

My son and I drew a blank in a short while Saturday morning, but the lagoon has been known to give up crappies by the dozens at certain times of the year.

Good luck. :smile:
Jack Mishler
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