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Default Cleaning Razors 101

A couple of you wanted a guide to cleaning razor clams, here's the way I do it.

First, you need to remove the shell (if you haven't already with your gun or shovel). Boiling water is what you need now. If I'm at home, I juse throw them in the sink and boil some water on the stove. Make sure the water can drain out of the sink, you don't want the water cooking the clams. If I'm at the coast, I fire up the crab cooker and throw a limit at a time in the strainer, and drop them in for 5 seconds or so.

The shells will start popping open.

If the clam doesn't fall out of the shell when you pick it up, gently slide your fingers between the clam and the shell to separate it. It should come off very easily, don't rip or pry.

Now that you have the clam out, cut about half the neck off, it's too chewy to eat.

Take a pair of scissors (or a steak knife) and split the clam up the middle and out the siphon. You can cut through both holes of the siphon at once, I did them individually just to show what it looks like in there.

Your clam should now look something like this:

Now I pinch the digger (or foot) off at the top near the gills, and the bottom to remove it from the rest of the clam.

You should have two pieces about like this:

First I rinse all the sand from the main body, and pull any remaining gills off. Pay special attention to the sides that look like zippers, that's where most of the sand will likely be.

Now I take the digger, and cut diagonally across the top, to remove most of the guts.

Now I like to butterfly the digger and clean out the guts in there. I hold the digger in my left hand and use a steak knife to cut it open down the middle. Some people don't butterfly the digger, just squeeze out most of the gunk and call it good. That's fine too. I just like them thinner for cooking.

You can see the off color pieces in there. The main one is a vein much like the ones shrimp have. Remove anything dark, the white stuff is fine.

And the final product:

15 or 20 minutes later it should look something like this:

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