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Default Want to catch a Salmon on a jig? Read on (pics)

The recent rain has brought in some nice fish and one effective way of catching Chinook is with a jig under a float. If you get your hands on a copy of the latest STS magazine, you'll see my article about this very subject.

With the lower river levels we've been experiencing in the past few weeks, I've dropped down my normal in-line weight to either an 1/4-oz or 3/8-oz. This weight is matched to my large salmon jig that weighs about a 1/4-oz. The combination of the weight and jig is matched to a 1/2-oz West Coast Float. This set-up is balanced perfectly so the slightest bite results in the float slipping under water. Other weights can be used instead of an in-line weight like either a barrel weight, in-line slinky or even a cannon ball weight. They all work fine and will do the job.

Now for salmon jigs use something big and bright. In the last two weeks I've caught Fall Chinook on six different jigs. Just tie something bright on and get it down in front of them. Speaking of getting it down, most of my fish are caught from 6-10 feet under the float. Constantly vary the depth of your float and you'll learn where fish like to hold.

While no doubt about it, eggs are the go to bait. But they sometimes can be in short supply. One of my favorite baits to use with jigs is sand shrimp tails. Securely attach the tail and add a couple drops of some good scent and you're ready to go.

Here are a couple pics of salmon I've caught on jigs in the past couple weeks.

This hen took a bare pink salmon bead jig.

This Buck took a jig/shrimp combo. We released it after the picture was taken.

Have fun fishing.



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