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cutt plug
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Default Shrinkie

I saw a post awhile back about lead or slinkie for drift fishing. I prefer both, what I call a "shrinkie". I can't take credit for it I think I may have heard about it here on Ifish.

The shrinkie is 1/4" shrink tubing with .270" balls inside. After I've heated the shrink tubing up I squeeze the ends with pliers so it's sealed on both ends.

Here's a picture of one I made this morning

Here's a little closer look. You can see I drill a small hole in the end so I can clip it on a snap swivel. I use a sliding lead set-up.

I like the shrinkie the best for drift fishing. It get's down quick like lead and is pretty snag free like a slinkie.

What I really like about them is they have a distinct feel like lead where a fish has a softer tug, thus it's easier to tell the difference between the bottom and a fish.

I make them in all different sizes, but if you only make a few make them larger. You can cut them down on the river and they'll stay together.

Good luck!

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Shrinkie

Now I'll haveta go out n git a hair dryer.
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Default Re: Shrinkie


So instead of dealing with the bebes, why not slide some pencil lead in there? Easier than dealing with all the little bebes? It really turns my wife on when she finds these little dudes when making the bed in the morning - hubba, hubba. Man do I know how to woo women.

PS- lying in bed tying hooks gets her a little spicy too. Oh the things my wife puts up with.
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Default Re: Shrinkie

nice approach. What I like to do is take pliers and cut 1/2 way through the pencil lead, about 3/8" apart. Slide the lead into the cord, seal both ends. Then flex and break the lead into pieces. Quick and easy. I make up and assortment of sizes to keep on hand.
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