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Default Bobber Rod

Need one more rod to complete my collection.
So I thought I would check with the experts, :grin:
Length, make, model.
What do the Ifishers suggest?
Thanks for any and all input.

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Default Re: Bobber Rod

I am guessing your talking about salmon since this is the season.Most use a nine foot rod rated anywhere from 20 to 50 lb test and can hold a couple of ounces.Berkley makes a good bobber rod that is nine feet long and great for the money.You need the length for mending line.just my two cents.
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Default Re: Bobber Rod

I prefer 10'6" rod length when fishing floats from the bank. I use a 10' 6" 10-17lb shimano convergence. It is a low dollar rod around $60-70. I have a shimano curado bsf loaded with 30lb braid and use a 20lb leader. I have landed fish in the 30-35lb range with this one. I prefer this rod because it is comfortable to fish all day.

I also have a 10'6" 12-25lb allstar ellite. It is over $100. I use a abu. 5500 c4 loaded with 50lb braid and use 30-30lb leader. I use this one ocassionally.

I have seen some people use short one piece fiberglass rods load with 80lb braid. Not my style of fishing. The most important thing to me is the fight.

Good luck finding a rod that fits you.
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Default Re: Bobber Rod

The Berkley IM-7 15-50# that 'River Ranger' mentioned would certainly be worth a shot. GI Joe's has a sale on these right now, and their replacement policy for breakage is outstanding (Many have broken the 8 1/2 ft model, but so far, the 9-ft has held up). This is the rod I use for Steelhead (float/bobber), but I do not recall if used for Salmon. With this rod, for Steelhead, I use a Ambassadeur 4600 with 50# Tuf Line.

Cabela's has a 10-ft Fish Eagle II that works great for Salmon, but it a bit heavier than the Berkley IM-7, and is a little tip heavy, probably because of the extra foot in length (I still love using it because I can get a good hook set, but still plenty of back bone & play in the rod). I use an Ambassadeur 5600 with 50# Tuf Line.
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Default Re: Bobber Rod

go see ron or marty at nestucca valley and tell them you want a 1 piece 9ft rod thats like the old harrington rod, you wont be sorry! rope handle. hotslam!
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