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Default 45LC for Bear?

Anyone ever used hot 45 long colt loads for black bear? I just trying to decide what my and my wife should use, right now we have a 30-30, 30-06, shotgun (slugs?), and 45lc lever gun.....

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Default Re: 45LC for Bear?

300 grain LBT cast over 23.0 of either H110 or WW 296 out of a 7 1/2" Ruger for 1330 fps & groups well under 1" at 50 yds with full penetration lengthwise.
This load for Ruger or Freedom arms revolvers & contenders only.
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Default Re: 45LC for Bear?

I used a 260 grain nosler partition Winchester factory load in my 10 inch TC Contender barrel to take a boar in May, 2009. The barrel in not one of the 45/410 shotgun barrels, but only for 45 Colt. It has a low power fixed (2 1/2X) Burris EER scope. I really like that combination, and it is one of my favorites in the Contender platform. It traveled about 30 yards downslope after the shot.
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Default Re: 45LC for Bear?

I'd use the 30-06 out of those choices, but I do love the 45 Colt. I also use H110 and an LBT (310gr) and get 1250 fps from a 5-1/2 Ruger Bisley. I believe these would get about 1500-1600 fps out of a carbine.

John Linebaugh states that a heavy 0.452 hardcast from a revolver kills game as well as a 30-06 or 270 rifle. I'd still take the 30-06 in case longer shots are needed, unless you're strictly hunting heavy cover.
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