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Default Boat in Camping on CR

Just wondering how most Boat camp on the CR like arround Willow Grove. In like a 21' boat that you can't just slide up on shore.... I have some ideas but just curious what methods are used to secure your Boat while camping on shore.



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Default Re: Boat in Camping on CR

For starters, you typically want one line hard-tied on land (or on a pile), another well anchored out to keep the rig in a fixed position.
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Default Re: Boat in Camping on CR

For anchoring and beach camping in the columbia, I love the 25' or so bungee cords sold at G.I. Joes and probably other places. Anchor bow out with your normal anchor set up with the bungee being the final 15' to your bow. Reverse your stern to shore and jump out with a stern line, while your boat conveniently bungees back out to deeper water. The boat rides nicely in the ship traffic wakes and you are protected from a low tide beaching.
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