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G.Loomis Rep PW
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Default The new e6x salmon rods are here!!!!

Ok Ladies and Gents,

Here is the first sneak peak at the new G Loomis E6X Salmon Rods.
These rods will be available at the Portland Sportsman Show for everyone that wants to shake one and feel what they are all about. They will also be available for purchase at the show!

-Legendary G.Loomis performance and quality at a competitive price

-15 models designed to cover the most popular techniques in both Fresh and Saltwater

-Features Multi-Taper Technology to keep the rods light, yet powerful for heavier current and all water depths

-A unique, new, graphite handles, plus double locking Fuji reel seats and Fuji guides provide security and durability

-Lengths, powers and actions designed to provided the ideal action for all popular techniques, plus a special "BC" mooching rod with long fore grip and short rear grip for single-action mooching reels


E6X 964C BBR GH 8' 12-25LB. 1-6oz. $259.99

E6X 9000C HSR GH 7'6" 6-12lb. 1/4-1/2oz. $219.99
E6X 980c HSR GH 8'2" 8-15lb. 1/4-1oz. $229.99
E6X 981C HSR GH 8'2" 10-20lb. 3/8-4oz. $259.99
E6X 982C HSR GH 8'2" 12-25lb. 1/2-5oz. $259.99
E6X 983C HSR GH 8'2" 15-30lb. 5/8-6oz. $259.99
E6X 1021-2C HSR Gh 8'6" 10-20lb. 3/8-4oz. $279.99
E6X 1083-2C HSR GH 9' 12-25lb. 1/2-5oz. $279.99
E6X 1085-2C HSR GH 9' 15-30lb. 1-6oz. $289.99

E6X 1084-2C SAR GH 9' 10-30lb. 1-6oz. $289.99
E6X 1143-2C SAR GH 9'6" 10-20lb. 1/2-3oz. $289.99
E6X 1263-2C SAR GH 10'6" 10-20lb. 1/2-3oz. $299.99
E6X 1265-2C SAR GH 10'6" 10-40lb. 2-8oz. $299.99
E6X 1266-2C SAR GH 10'6" 15-40lb. 2-10oz. $319.99

E6X 1265-2C SAR BC GH 10'6" 10-40lb. 2-8oz. $299.99

If anyone has any questions feel free to ask

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Default Re: The new e6x salmon rods are here!!!!

Look great, can't wait to use one!
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Default Re: The new e6x salmon rods are here!!!!

I've had a couple on order for a couple weeks , wondering how long these things will take to arrive??
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: The new e6x salmon rods are here!!!!

Let me guess; these don't come with a Tekota 500LC loaded with 150yds of moss green 65# spectrum braid or clear 30# CCX P Line do they?
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