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Ifish Nate
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Default Kona fishing

Ok so on my way to my in laws house here in Kona, we drove through the old part of town, then on the waterfront I seen some guys fishing. They looked to be twitching jigs. Can someone tell me what they might be fishin for? Possibly even how I can rig up to give er a go. Thanks,Drifter. Oh and pics to follow.

"Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours" Gordon Lightfoot
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Default Re: Kona fishing

Forget the twitching jigs your going to the home of the largest blue marlin ever reeled in and it happens just moments from the harbor!!!..if there is any way you can do it you should get your buds together and chip in for a trip I recommend Highnoon charters. Just saying............
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Default Re: Kona fishing

They were probably chasing papio, juvenile Trevally. "Whipping" is what they call it down here, not a whole lot to it. First, Get yourself a medium action 8-10' rod, spinning reel with 10-20lb line. Rig either a plastic bubble float or a 1/2-1oz. egg sinker on your mainline behind a swivel, then between 2-6' of light mono or fluorocarbon with a size 2 "AH" hook. Favorite baits are small curly tail grubs, glitter strips, or cut pieces of squid. Good colors are white, black, or "firecracker". Whip it out around good looking structure and rip it back, the faster the better. If you're using the bubble float, you want it to be splashing and kicking up a fuss, with the egg sinker setup twitch it back with a fast retrieve.
Alternatively, you can do away with the float/sinker, and tie a small kastmaster to the end of your leader, fished with the same fast twitchy retrieve.
All kinds of reef fish will go after it, papio, barracuda, snappers, trumpetfish, etc. If the folks you saw were fishing in a shallow protected harbor or river mouth, they may be after small Akule, a small mackerel that makes great bait offshore or slide baiting for bigger fish. Same setup for them, just downsize your hooks and baits.
Fish any tide at first light, later on look for a rising tide, the closer to high slack the better. At night, put a glow in the dark grub on and try rocky areas for Menpachi, a tasty little red squirrel fish.
If you're going to be on the island for any length of time, I'd highly recommend heading to the library and checking out the "Fishing Hawaii Style" series of books by Jim Rizzutto (sp?), they've got most everything you need to know about shoreline fishing in the islands.
Hope this helped, good luck out there, and can't wait to see the results!
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Kona fishing

Hey thanks a million Jonah, I will be here for 11 more days and I believe that I will have some free time. Not sure yet about the offshore fishing, my father in law knows a guy, but we will see.
"Does anyone know where the love of God goes when the waves turn the minutes to hours" Gordon Lightfoot
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Mack Slayer
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Talking Re: Kona fishing

Stop in at Yama's Fishing Supply. It's just south of downtown Kailua-Kona, right off of Alii Drive. These guys are great and will help you get going. http://konatimes.blogspot.com/2009/1...-re-opens.html

I like to go Hawaiian simple. Bamboo stick with mono tied directly to the end. Hook, weight and bait from the ocean. Put on some slippas and fish off the rocks. Lots of fun!

If you want to try the charter boat route, here are some different options:

*Cheapest* Party boat style on "Sea Wife II" (~$100)

*Mid-range, exclusive* Cap'n Bill on "Nainoa" (~$600/day)

*Rich guy, exclusive* Teddy Hoogs on "Bwana" (~$1000+/day)

I've fished all of the above and with many other outfits. Had a ton of fun on many different boats. NOTE: Many Kona boats do not let you keep your catch -- it goes to help cover the cost of the trip. The first two outfits I listed DO include you keeping your catch, if you want it.

Fish on!
Beat 'em & eat 'em.
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