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Burnt Toast
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Default Kanga Cay Rainwear from Fisherman's?

I am going to be decking (not on a fishing boat) in coastal SW AK from June until river ice up and looking for some good, but affordable, raingear. Would like something breathable for an upper, if possible, as this will be very physical work. Marinating in PVC is not really an option.

Saw the Kanga Cay stuff at Fisherman's last night and the price was acceptable. Other jackets of the exact same model had the Guide's Choice brand sewn on. It was a black, heavy softshell type-jacket. Seemed durable and warm. Wondering about the waterproofing, even though it says 100% waterproof. Anyone have any experience with this model?

Thanks, and good fishing to you all.

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Default Re: Kanga Cay Rainwear from Fisherman's?

There is not much you can do if you absolutely have to be in a breatheable type top. Yer gonna get wet from swells, and rain, or the morning mist. When I was a little younger I was setting herring seines, and picking sockeye for most of the summer. A few years ago, Red Ledge had about the best sorta breathable, lightweight jacket i could find at the hardware store...Still, nothin beats rubbers if you are sorting salmon, or wading in herring. But try out what you think will get the job done, and remember to pack yer grundens just in case! Have fun, and make lots of dough!
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