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Default The Steelhead Solution (One Youth's Dream)

I have been following Andy Matthew's growing steelhead lure venture, The Steelhead Solution, for quite awhile and with much interest. Not only for his very good products, but for the human interest story within his WA posts and my conversations with him directly. He is a good young man, going on 18, who has grown up in a seemingly challenging environment that turns out so many misguided youth from towns such as his native Aberdeen, Washington (of course there are other good kids and families too). He turned away from negative influences to become an avid steelhead and salmon angler at a young age. That passion has led to his dream of creating a successful fishing lure manufacturing company, which is well underway! With his enthusiasm for such a worthwhile and popular NW endeavor, along with determined ambition, perhaps someday he will help erase some of the image of youthful despair that grunge recording star Kurt Cobain put on that town. I'm rooting for you Andy! You are going to make it successfully somewhere, be it The Steelhead Solution ( or {360}533-1449) or wherever you strive. -- I recently got my first order from The Steelhead Solution; a dozen jigs and a variety of 50 rags. The jigs are of obvious good quality and workmanship; and they just look "fish on". I'll go one further for his steelhead rags; they are the best looking I've seen. Period! They are the right size and balance of both symetrics and colors. Most rags I've seen marketed are either too big or sloppy, or both. I know there other good ones out there, but probably don't match his value pricing.- Your biggest challenge in the near and distant future Andy will be keeping the quality of your products high when the volume of sales inevitably become higher. Don't ever compromise the quality and you will remain successful. How about grabbing some of the town's young slackers and take them out on the river and into some fish. That may get them away from negative things as well as develope potential employees. Good luck Andy. - Steve Hanson (The Reel Truth)

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Default Re: The Steelhead Solution (One Youth's Dream)

Check out Andy's products they are top of the line Way to go Andy!!!

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