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Default Cold, cold morning-Hot Hot Fishing

Boy it was cold yesterday morning, snowy and icy too. After we braved and prayed our way through the ice rink they call the coast range, we finally arrived at the river around nine yesterday morning. It was a long, long trip.

By nine thirty we were fishing and within a few minuts we hooked our first of 19 fish for the day! After hooking five in the first hole I knew the drive we survived was going to be worth it, and I was right, almost every place we fished we piked up a fish as if on que.

We ended up landing 14 of the 19 hookups while we worked our way down river in a winter wonder land. Some times the snow was coming down so hard you couldn't even see to cast.

It was a great day to make some memories, and break a goal too. Evan, one of my most regular customers for winter steelhead, wanted to break his record of 32 steelhead for one year this year. After just six trips with me he broke his record last week. After breaking his record, Evan decided to set a goal of 40 steelhead. He got his goal yesterday! What's next? Fifty! Since he leaves for Palm Springs in two weeks I'm sure he will get to his fifty, just one more good day like this one and it's in the hat.

The hot bait of the day was raw prawn tail from Albertsons. Every fish we caught on bait was on a peice of prawn meat.


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