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King Salmon
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Default Prayer for a good friend (UPDATED)

Many of you probably read my post about ~2 months ago regarding our friend in Southern IL (Nola Thomason) and her breast cancer. Well, here's an update:

She did have the surgery and all went well. Doctors feel like they got it all and we're very pleased about that. She started the radiation treatments, but had to stop 2 weeks into it becuase of a bad infection. They gave her antibiotics for the infection, and she's supposed to start her radiation treatments again this coming Monday. Praise God for what he's done so far. But it doesn't come without a price...

Her husband got really sick last Friday with nausea and vomiting. Going into the 5th day of his sickness, he went to the ER to see what's wrong. His liver enzymes were elevated, and they wanted him to watch that and come in the next week for some more tests. Well, he was feeling a little bit better, but he went to see their family Dr. as a precautionary. That day, his blood sugar was 468 and he started spiking a temp of 102+!!! The Dr. immediately admitted him into the hospital for further testing. He had an ultrasound done and turns out, he's got an extremly large mass on his adrenal gland next to his right kidney. Dr. said the mass is about 6.5" across! He's getting an MRI done today so they can see it better and determine how to handle the problem. The Dr. is gonna talk with the radiologist, but most likely, he'll have to go into surgery to have it removed.

Thank you for all the prayers so far, but please continue to pray for this family, as they're just physically and financially worn out right now. Nola said that they feel like mice in a bucket. They just run around in circles, and everytime they try to climb out, they just slide right back down :depressed: With this new find, that puts him out of work till it's taken care of (who knows how long that will be), and she hasn't been working for awhile now either. Pray for strength, and that God would help them out financially. They've had it pretty rough... :depressed:


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King Salmon
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Default Re: Prayer for a good friend (UPDATED)

You can count me in on the praying for this family.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Prayer for a good friend (UPDATED)

Aarron I am praying for the family and their needs.
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Default Re: Prayer for a good friend (UPDATED)

They've had it pretty rough indeed :depressed:. We'll keep praying.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Prayer for a good friend (UPDATED)

I'll pray for their health and welfare
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Kentucky Hog Hunter
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Default Re: Prayer for a good friend (UPDATED)

Aaron, your friends are in my prayers bud.
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