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Cool Texan
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Default Florida fishing...Blackwater River?

Visiting my mom for a bit during the holidays...she lives right on the Blackwater River in Milton, FL (near Pensacola). Trying to figure out what swims in that river that I can catch, how to catch them, etc.

Anybody happen to know, or know of a web site I can go to for information?

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Default Re: Florida fishing...Blackwater River?

Florida? Well, for starters I'd bet their definition of Gator's is a tad bit different than ours! Be Carefull there! :grin: :grin: Hmm, on that note, How big and fast is the water? They got some mighty big Largemouth Bass down there for starters
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Default Re: Florida fishing...Blackwater River?

Up the black river to the brackish water is some great bass fishing. Down at the mouth you can catch any thing from sharks to croakers, flounders,catfish, etc... there is some nice fishing from the public fishing docks in pensicola bay, skipjacks and bottom fish....there are some salt water boats that go out into the gulf and catch everything you can imagine. and there is some Red fish/sea trout fishing and thats what I would reccomend,,, just like bass fishing but never know what you well catch...DJ
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Default Re: Florida fishing...Blackwater River?

Stick to the tidal areas near the mouth. Go to a local bait shop and get the following:

1) a couple dozen live shrimp (and a small bait bucket to keep them alive in).
2) a bag of size 1 hooks
3) 2 or 3 large popping-corks. They are foam cones, have a concave top (for "popping"), have a hard straw down the middle, and some lead molded to the bottom to float them upright.

Find a coastal area where you can get out around some salt marsh and/or oyster bars. Put on the popping cork and secure it about 2 feet above the hook (adjust for depth so your shrimp isn't sitting on the bottom, but don't go more than 2 feet below the surface). Hook the shrimp underneath the horn on top of his head, so he's still flopping around and lively. Sometimes, when a fish is checking him out, he might swim up to the surface and start trying to jump out -- a sure sign of action to come. Give the line a hard tug every 10 seconds or so to get the "pop" from the cork -- signals feeding activity to nearby fish. When the bobber goes down, no need for a hard hookset -- just lean back into the fish and start reeling him in (some of these fish have very soft mouths and a hard set will pull the hook).

There are pobably 2 dozen different species of coastal fish that you can catch like this -- half of them are good eatin', and all of them fight better than a freshwater fish of the same size. Too name of few of the "keepers" -- redifish, spotted seatrout, flounder, black drum, sheepshead....

Have fun. :grin:

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Default Re: Florida fishing...Blackwater River?

Cool texan, My Dad has a place on Wards Basin in East Milton.

The Blackwater up by Milton is a bass and panfish show. Go to Navarre to get into some brackish or salt water.

Don't overlook the Pearl river, Yellow river, East river or any of the others that are near brackish water. Take your steelhead rod and slinkies. The same #1 leaders too. Use the bait recommended by Otolith. Use a 'd' cell powered bait air pump and a 5 gal bucket for the shrimp to keep them kickin.

I favor bridges and use the tidal flow to 'drift' my live shrimp along the bottom in the river channel and by the pilings of the bridges. Incoming tide will yield speckled trout (locally known as specks or sea trout) and redfish, (Red drum, local name, Reds) both great eating and good sport. You will also catch flounder (good eating!), stingrays, black drum, croaker and other less desirable fish. If you get a fish that smokes your reel, it's probably a 'Bull Red', that is a large redfish >10#.

Pretend you are drifting a sandshrimp and catching a steelie. Thread the hook through the tail and through the shell behind the eyes, 1/2 hitch the tail. I did this with my Dad on the Dog river in Mobile, Alabama and quickly limited on big specks of 5 to 7 lbs. We fished right under the Dog river bridge and you could easily hit the channel from the bank on the side of the river.

The good old boys were laughing at the yankee from Oregon with the long fishing pole until the fish started peeling line on almost every cast. My dad watched this in disgust until I announced, 'I'm limited out' and he said 'Gimme that rod, son!'. He quickly caught the remaining 5 fish in his limit and we went back to the dock with several boats hot on our heels.

They all wanted to know what a 'steelhead' was and where they could get the funny looking 'slinkie' weights.

Go, have a ball and tell us how it goes. The Speck fishing is good til March or so.

Good luck.

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