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Default see ya later good friend

below is a story about our horse 'twix' that passed away today at the age of 38,i loved him deeply.

i was about 18 when twix and my wife 'Holly" came running down the beach on twix,i was on my lunch break from my job as a bellhop in a lincoln city motel that sits on the top of spanish head,she lived north of town and had rode down the beach to see me,we had been dateing for a couple of months she was sixteen and twix was the same age,Holly"s parents owned a large stable on the north end of town and were,well lets say they were well to do.i use to go and watch Holly and twix ride in the arenas and before i came along holly spent all her time with twix.well things got a little carried away and Holly gets prego and now mom and dad are mad and as a result twix is quickly sold and so we are two young kids on there own with a kid but in it all holly yearns for twix,she finds him,he is in a good home with a young girl to ride him,he's probabaly about 18 and looks good but my wife complains that she doesn't like the way the girl has cut his mane.times are tough and we have to leave but we tell the people thanks for letting us see him and if the ever sale him to call us.we leave feeling good that he has a good home but bad beacause we cannot properly afford to buy and keep a horse,its so bittersweet,i see the pain in my wife's eyes as we pullaway and i feel so forward about 7 yrs and two more kids later and my wife comes to me and says she found twix.twix had got a little too old for the girl and she sold him to a guy in cresswell and he was useing him as a packhorse.we were now in a posistion to care for a horse and we had found our horse,after some talk we had him home and my wife was happy so i was happy.twix is now about 25 but really looks great and we ride him regularly,one time he was so barn sour i refused to continue to ride him and walked him back,i was not happy,i'm not a big horse fan or a regular rider.anyways years go by and twix was the first horse ride for all three of my kids,we quit rideing him regularly when he was about 30,when he was bout 35 my wife couldn't bear the thought of loseing him and began to distance herself from him and thats when it began for me.over the next few years me and the old boy grew quite close,me and him over a span of some 20 years had a connection and i knew with every year that it was one day closer to the day that we would part ways again.this last year we grew close just me and him as he helps me face my own mortality.he is now 38 and me 42,much time has passed since we first met.i look him in the eye as he winnny's at me for food that he has trouble eating,he is grey as i am as i went to feed him there he was laying down in his stall,at first i didnt even think then it hit me,he picked up his head and looked at me and then layed it back down.i ran to him all alone,i grabbed his head and pulled it up and out came a labored bellow,i picked his head up and we went for it,i screamed at him get up,get up,you are not going to die on me,i got him up and got the wife on the phone,i knew that this was bad,well 6 hrs later with the help of a good vet we had to let him go.goodbye dear friend,in the end my wife was glad she was there as was most of thge family but its tough to even write this now knowing hes really gone,so i say goodbye and thanks for all the good times and i will mis complaining about takeing care of you and allways remember you

RIP betwixtdbetween(twix)1970-2008
son of elgazi arabian breed


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Default Re: see ya later good friend

Your story touched me deeply.. I am truly sorry for your loss.

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Default Re: see ya later good friend

thanks ^5,i read what i wrote before and its so chopped up and all over the place,i just cant put into words what we had and lost.i know that its part of the circle and i have other pets still to go through and have lost close ones and pets in the past but for some reason this one is really heavy.i went to the mountains and picked a nice piece of granite for a headstone and this weekend we are going through pics and such.i had twix 4 miles from my main house at my other property where i run my buisness and everyday before work i would greet him and feed and at the end of the day i would feed and brush him and reflect on the day,its been tough to go to work.I can only hope that we will meet again someday in a better place.
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Default Re: see ya later good friend

Hard to read this and keep a dry eye. I suppose the only consolation you can have is knowing that you loved him as you would a friend and you gave him your best. All of us animal lovers go through this eventually. I have, twice this year and it hurts to the core. But, as the saying goes: 'tis better to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.

R.I.P Twix.
"I wondered why the boat was getting bigger.....then it hit me!"
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King Salmon
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Cool Re: see ya later good friend

Some of My best friends that have moved down the trail ahead of me Had 4 legs also ... I am very sorry for your loss ...
"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." ~Thomas Edison ...
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: see ya later good friend

I truly feel your loss. I lost my friend 3 years ago.
Like you he was for the family, but soon he adopted me.
We used to watch fireworks together. I was aways afraid he
would be spooked, no sir he wanted to see and hear them.
One year upon returning from Tillamook, I ask my wife how
he was. Her reply was horse? What horse? On the search
I went. A couple of days later, looking and driving all over,
I saw 3 kids bouncing on the back of a horse, down a lane
simular to mine. Yep sure enough, he dumped those kids
and picked up my arm.
The kids dad says 'no doubt who belongs to him'.
We had lot's of simular expierences, so I know your loss!
Zipper club survivor.
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Default Re: see ya later good friend

Sorry to read about your loss.
We love the 4 legged animals too, dogs.
We have had boxers my entire adult life.
Our older boxer, Karma, just turned 7 years old.
It is really hard to think she will not be by my side forever.
As I have thought this thought with each and every one we have had.
Boxers live to be 10 years old, usually at best..
Every boxer we have had holds a special place in my heart.
Each ones personality is top notch!!
I truly hope that each day is better than the last while you try to deal with your sorrows!
Take care my friend!!
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Default Re: see ya later good friend

Sorry for your loss.
Bless you and Twix.
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Default Re: see ya later good friend

Found it hard to answer the phone at the end of your story. My 13th BD present was 'Spirit'. He lived up to his name. We parted ways when I was 17 and also became a kid with a kid.
I still miss that horse, and always wonder where he went.
Sorry for your loss
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Unhappy Re: see ya later good friend

*Sniffle* Rest in peace Twix.

Such a sad story...
If you see the rod dancing, rejoice, if you see the fish go away, sulk.

Either way, have fun.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: see ya later good friend

I am not sure "sad" is a good description of the entire story. I am glad you shared it. Sounds like Twix had a long, comfortable and very meaningful life.
don't give up, don't ever give up. Member 91.
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King Salmon
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Default Re: see ya later good friend

Read the story and could not help but to make a little water.

Twix is lucky to have been a part in your lives
and the many miles ran for you and your wife & family will be in all of your memories forever.

Never a luckier beast there was
than to have been allowed
into the heart
of man

It is clear that you have Twix in your heart
and that is something your entire family can be proud of .

That horse will be there waiting for you on the far shore
I am certain.
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Half fast Toyn
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Default Re: see ya later good friend

Im at a loss for words.
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