Fished the Willamette today, no springers but I kept up my steelhead average. -
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David Johnson
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Default Fished the Willamette today, no springers but I kept up my steelhead average.

Today I ran a half day trip on the Willamette with three guys from Boston. We fished in Oregon City.

I counted 38 boats, saw two chinook caught and one lost out of some ones net, and saw what looked like a steelhead caught off the bank.

We didn't get any chinook but did catch three nice steelhead. One was another early summer, that's three of those in the last three days on three different rivers. The other two were winters. One of them was a hatchery with Eagle Creek fin clips and the other one was a nice native that was pushing 17 pounds.

I thought for sure that big native was my first springer. When we hooked him he crossed all the other lines getting tangled in one of them, and took off down river. He stayed deep as we drifted from the mouth of the Clack almost to Meldrum Bar before we brought him to the boat. In all about a 15 minute fight.

A perfect ending to a good month of steelheadng with a 3 per day average!

David Johnson

We caught one fish on shrimp and the other two on plugs.


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