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Default Trophy Kicker Bracket Upgrade/Stronger

Let me say first i cannot believe I bought a Glass Boat especially a Trophy( I am a die Hard Metal guy), but for the price and what I am using it for, its a heck of alot better in the slop than my sled, so I will keep it for the rivers and fish this exclusivly in the salt.

As always, seems like there is no good way to mount a kicker bracket to the stern of the Trophy where it doesnt flex the glass back there even with added wood/metal on the inside of the stern.

The 2000 21 WA trophy I picked up has the normal half-azz job of putting the bracket on and it flexes alot, I am thinking of building a custom aluminum bracket that comes over the top of the stern(where the glass is thicker and stronger) and down against the stern, and then mount the kicker bracket to that. but that will be after bouy 10.

So I guess I am looking at what others have done to negate this flex issue on there glass/trophy boats, before I get in there and strenghen it up a bit, to make it thru the 20 days down there.

everything else on the boat is done and I just need to load the gear and the camper.

Any help is appreciated

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Default Re: Trophy Kicker Bracket Upgrade/Stronger

PM sent
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