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surface interval
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Default help w/ replacing guides to rollers

Nice Forum. Looking @ MY halibut rod this mornin I noticed small cracks in the guide seat wrapping. I have lately thouhgt of havin the tip & butt guides replaced to rollers now it's lookin for sure, so I'm hoping some one can help me out w/this or would it be more cost effictive to change rods? Ido like the rod it's nothing real fancy WW Grigg 5.6 . Anyone steer me in the right direction w/ taking this on and cost ? Thank you for your help


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King Salmon
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Default Re: help w/ replacing guides to rollers

On my six foot seeker I originally put it together with a RT and RS. The trolling for tuna and placing the rod in a side rod holder the line would come off the side of the RT and a few times managed to get pinched between the roller and the frame. I took them off and put on regular guides and spiral wrapped it.
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Default Re: help w/ replacing guides to rollers

Surface Interval give me a shout and you can come over. I live in Salem, so it is close drive from Keizer..... If it will only be your halibut rod, then the rollers should be find, but like Stickfish said, if you are going to troll with it you may want to re-think it....

I can throw a roller tip and stripper on if that is what you choose..... or I can show you and you can use my wrapper.....
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