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Default Favorite hootchie

What is your favorite size, color(s), brand of hootchie for Chinook (in Oregon). Do you fish it with any bait?
Same questions for Coho.

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Default Re: Favorite hootchie

Hook-up, Hootchie colors are like getting to the local fishing pond and pulling out the old trusty Mepps spinner and expecting it to catch all the trout you want. Better to ask the local bait and tackle shop what is working on the pond that day. Might just be worms. But the colors that work for me have been purple, green and white. Personally I like purple and white. Especially the "purple haze" hootchie that is made by Yamashita Bait. Most coastal bait shops know what it is when you ask. If they don't, go some where else. (There is a trick in the description of "purple haze" I think the fishermen that named it was listening to much Jimmy Hendrix.) There is a local purple with sparkles solid squid hootchie that is also really good.
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Default Re: Favorite hootchie

I prefer purple and green shades ished with Herring in some form (filet, cut plug, whole). But I also tend to fish with those colors the most usually switching to other colors when I'm not catching fish. It's been my unscientific observation that I catch more Coho on purple and more Chinook on green.

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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Favorite hootchie

I too ;ike the purple hase color.. I would describe it as chart/green on the front and a purple haze on the back..
The glow chart/white has also been good.
find out what the commer. boats are buying, Englund MArine is always a good place to start.
I like to either fish them with an anchovie or a shard strip. The shad strips have been producing very well for us over the last few years, chinook love them and the coho can't stay away from them :smile:

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Default Re: Favorite hootchie

Purple and green or purple and yellow w/herring strip. I like a short leader for coho and long leader for kings.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: Favorite hootchie

For Chinook anything green, blue or purple.
For coho almost anything will work. So mix'em up till you find a favorite of the day and then match the other rods to that color. I really like the new Pro Troll or Scotty hoochie devils. They're a plastic billed hoochie. The diver type bill gives them some erratic action that the coho love.
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Default Re: Favorite hootchie

I will third the purple haze....early season, I have done well on pink and white too.
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