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Ifish Nate
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Default Smoked TUNA! Belly Recipes?

Anyone have any smoked TUNA! belly recipes you'd like to share? Thanks in advance....Paul

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King Salmon
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Default Re: Smoked TUNA! Belly Recipes?


Place tuna belly in smoker.



I used alder chips and the bellys turned out delicious. No need to brine. They don't hang around long enough to worry about how long they will keep.
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Flush Release
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Default Re: Smoked TUNA! Belly Recipes?

Brine in a weak salt, brown sugar,garlic powder and soy sauce solution for about 4 hrs.
Rinse off place in smoker with ONE HALF pan of alder chips. cook until your desired doneness.

Tuna takes on smoke and salt very fast so be careful on how much you use.

Just finished with a batch and the neigborhood is looking for it.
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King Salmon
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Default Re: Smoked TUNA! Belly Recipes?

Pack in rock salt 20 min
Rinse, pat dry and throw in smoker. 3 pans of alder and let 'er go until desired firmness.

tastes just like bacon, only it's juicier!

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Default Re: Smoked TUNA! Belly Recipes?

What OB said. Yummmmmm!
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Mr. Fisherman
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Default Re: Smoked TUNA! Belly Recipes?

Yep, that's Puffins meathod and it even worked for a first timer like me. It didn't last long...
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Han Solo
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Default Re: Smoked TUNA! Belly Recipes?

Salty Dog #1 calls it hard cure and it works on all fish, especially the oily ones. Why add sugar and mask flavor when the fish is plenty tasty already?

It's not really salty either. Just make sure of three things.

1) Use only rock salt, finer salts make it too salty.

2) Use a glass or ceramic container for brining. Metal will taint the flavor.

3) Brine for the time specified. Use a timer. Do not exceed 30 minutes or it will be way too salty. 20 minutes is ideal. Shake the salt off and rinse under cold water. Drain and pat dry and load in the smoker.

You will absolutely love this stuff.
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