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Default alsea

man working friday through sunday all i could think about was how bad i wanted to hit the river. with the water levels dropping i was sure id nail a fish or two. monday couldnt come soon enough. i fished the alsea for about 8 hours monday and didnt get a bite. quite a discouraging day. my gf was happy though, one more day to go and shed be able to steelhead fish for the first time. so we set off again for the alsea late this morning. lots of people on the river so i just drove till i found a spot. i passed a paking lot that is usually full and to my surprise there was only one truck with a boat trailer in it meaning we'd have the bank to ourselves. i told her i knew of a spot down river with a good hole so we set off for it fishing our way down. we had to bush wack it quite a bit to get down there as the water was still kind of high and to fast to walk in the whole way down. i told her to go down to the hole and pointed out where to fish while i fished the harder rapids above. after no luck for me i walked down where she was to see how she was i walked up to her i saw her bobber dip down and pop back up, she says " i think theres a fish in here, thats the second time my bobber did that". i looked on the ground and saw a nice cluster of red eggs in the sand someone else had left from early that morning or the night before. it being cold out i didnt hesitate, i picked em up and stuck em on my jig and fliped it out there, 5 seconds later my bobber did a little quick dip but surfaced real fast then dipped again, thinkin it was a trout messing with the eggs i gave a little yank. to my surprise and great pleasure i felt the hard heavy headshakes us steelheaders have come to love and could see the chrome flashes under water, fish on! i tried to hand it off but to my gf but she didnt want her first steelhead to be a hand me down lol. she did help me tail it though! all in all a good start to the year, now i just got to get her into one...

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Colin Elliott
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Default Re: alsea

Nice fish, im heading up on monday
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Default Re: alsea

great way to start the New Year!
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Default Re: alsea

Good for you on recycling the eggs, good storyI get angry at all of the people just leaving their trash when they get done fishing, wish more people had respect for the river......pack it out people come on...again nice fish and great post thanks!
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Default Re: alsea

Very nice! Gonna head that way again soon I imagine.
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Ifish Nate
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Default Re: alsea

Good looking fish, her time will come, tell her to start reeling in when her bobber dips
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Default Re: alsea

I got too excited when my bobber went down. My whole body went retarded. I will be prepared next time!
If your life flashed before your eyes, would it be worth watching?
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That's awesome !! Good job!
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Default Re: alsea

Nice fish I plan on heading that way in the near future it's nice to see fish being caught
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King Salmon
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Default Re: alsea

Originally Posted by Fishin541ish View Post
I got too excited when my bobber went down. My whole body went retarded. I will be prepared next time!
make him take you often, and always request first water it will happen
Hunt for sport, kill for food
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Default Re: alsea

Great story and nice fish!

Sounds like the Alsea is starting off the year right for several folks. Nice to hear the hatchery is producing a good fishery on the coast to help disperse the pressure.

More great news from the Alsea.
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