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Default The Little Green Willie needs some balast at Drano & Wind (OPEN SEATS)

I'm going to be be fishing Drano & Wind (depending on the bite) from Tues. morning late 5-8 untill Monday evening 5-14. I am filled up for the weekend (with my buddies who are forced to work, I am retired) but things can & do change so I can call you if there is a vacancy. I have gear but if you want to bring yours your more than welcomed to do so. A little help with gas is appreciated & if you have a super secret fish catchin bait of choice by all means bring it. I do my fair amount of catchin at this fishery (THE DAM COUNTS ARE SKYROCKETING) as it is the highlight of the season for me & was taught but the master (Starfish) on an open seat with him!!! So I am giving it back.

I have a 16' Willie Predator with twin Yammies & folbe rod holders & a 7 month old yellow lab puppy that will lick you to death if you let her (70#'s but still a pup).

My cell # is 360-470-2475 , I am hard of hearing on the phone, don't have internet on the road & my hearing fluctuates so bear with me. I am staying at Timberlake campground # 5 just north of Wind.

Tuesday 2 seats
Wedns. 2 seats
Thursday 2 seats
Friday 2 seat
Sat. Full
Sun. Full
Monday 2 seats

This my last internet connection, I am leaving now so call my cell #.

Lets fisk!!!! Jim Sr.

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