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Default Re: What is wrong with paying your fair share?

The bite is on. It fascinates me how much influence propaganda has on conventional wisdom.

The red herring of 'welfare fraud' and the false dichotomy of left and right, conservative/liberal political persuasions distract virtually everyone from the real fraud.

War is profitable. Very profitable. And as long as we are arguing over who gets welfare those companies who profit from war are laughing all the way to the bank.

Ever wonder why this country is at war pretty much constantly going back to the Korean conflict?

Ever wonder about the 2 billion a week that we spend on the sand box? Ever wonder who gets that money that we don't even have?

Does it not seem faintly ridiculous that we borrow money from one mortal enemy, China, and give it to other mortal enemies, Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi, and others as foreign aid and for financing wars?

Ever wonder why we subsidize the mineral resource industries by defending the shipping lanes, oil fields and other infrastructure needed to pump the stuff out of the ground and sell it here for too high a price? What about all the brave young people who died to defend the extraction of minerals?

That guy standing in the line with the tattoos and the trail card is not the problem you have been distracted with. The guy who bought your senator and keeps the money we (the US) borrowed in a bank offshore where it will not be taxed is. The system of government we live under has been co-opted. It no longer represents us the people. It represents the money.

There is a hook in the red herring, it is called ignorance. The real victims in propaganda are those who are distracted, misinformed and diverted from objecting to the crimes that are being obscured by it.

SO go ahead and be judgemental. Worry about the guy in line who looks like a worthless parasite on society. And remain ignorant about the wholesale theft of your tax money by the man behind the curtain.

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Default Re: What is wrong with paying your fair share?

Unfortunately for some, we don't do partisan politics or religious debates on lig.

All these threads do is divide our community. There is no real answer to some of these threads, and lig was meant to further bring our community together.

We let this go on long enough. I hope many got some food for thought.



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