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Default Hats off to FoxPro

I contacted FoxPro a while back telling them about my issues with my Fury remote not working very well at all in cold conditions. Trying to scroll to a sound was a nite mare!!! It would just go everywhere except where I wanted. They told me to send it in for the cold weather update. So off it went. They received it on Monday last week and on Tuesday I received an email with my tracking number. Man that is fast! I received it today and they did more than expected. Fully upgraded with new scroll that works 10X better new lcd display and front speaker. Along with a few other things. None of which I thought it even needed. Now I know why they are talked about so highly on there customer service. They are #1 in my book.

You can't stop what you don't see coming!!
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Default Re: Hats off to FoxPro

Good to know!
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Default Re: Hats off to FoxPro

I've used their customer service alot and always ended up with a good working unit one unit took 3 time to get it fixed, one of those things that only failed in the field never in the shop.
After 4 or 5 foxpros I finely went back to an FX3 and have had no problems with it.
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Default Re: Hats off to FoxPro

+2 their customer service has always been great to me
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