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Default C&R sturgeon

I have been working way to much and my 8 year ok daugher has been chomping at the bit to go fishing so I told her sunday anywhere she wanted to go. She wants to go sturg fishing on the willy and I was wondering what the river looks like and how much lead will it take to stay on the bottom. She inited a friend who has never caught a fish other than small trout so I have to do my best to put them on some fish so figured I would start here.Thanks in advance.

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Default Re: C&R sturgeon

8oz will work just fine. Have fun, we did it last weekend and had a blast.
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Default Re: C&R sturgeon

We were out yesterday just below St Johns bridge and did quite well with C&R , 10 fish total and a few good size ones, 8-10 will keep you down just fine. Good luck and go get em. If you anchor out of the main current most of the debris will miss you but still keep your eyes open. We tried shallow water first but got most fish in the deeper hole by the Toyota dock using herring injected with a very popular lubricating scent .

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Default Re: C&R sturgeon

I took four students from my high school outdoor club on a sturgeon fishing trip on Monday as an academic reward for their grades in quarter three. Our guide was Charlie Foster of Northwest Sturgeon Adventures and he certainly put us on sturgeon!

My kids landed somewhere around 30 sturgeon! There were only a few shakers, a lot of "legal" sturgeon, a few toads, and two 7-footers. On our way back to Boardman the kids were so wore out they all fell asleep immediately after finishing their burgers.

This was our first sturgeon trip and only my second time fishing for sturgeon and I was blown away by the number of fish and the constant action. A dull moment was ten minutes between bites! However, Charlie said that fishing had slowed down from a few days ago. I don't think the kids could've taken any more punishment and we had four athletes, including a state champion wrestler and a state champion soccer player.

The trip was the highlight of my career. Seeing those smiles on those kids' faces makes me want to work harder to create more opportunities like this for my kids. My hat is off to Charlie for all of the hard work he put in!

Link to club photos on Facebook.
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