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Default Up River Blog: North of Bonni.

Perhaps we'll have a season above Bonnie... I have thought about driving from Spokane ...South... to participaute in the HUNT... but... GAS has the statment to say "MAYBE" (360 miles)... It would be an enjoyable time frame should those of us (including the confluence of the Snake an ClearWater) have a window of enjoyment... please leave a few availble for the few of us... We support you down there... please support us up here..

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Default Re: Up River Blog: North of Bonni.

There'll be plenty with these conditions. Last I heard the sportsman had about 1200 of the allowcation. Hope your season and water conditions are better than ours.
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Default Re: Up River Blog: North of Bonni.

Well, there might be a few.........but no one knows what the run is yet. And so they extend the season below Bonneville another week............Sigh.

Since 2001, 88% of the sport harvest has been below Bonneville. In Washington, 37% of the salmon anglers are upstream of Bonneville (based upon sales of Columbia River endorsement). So 37% of the anglers are getting 12% of the harvest. Huh.
"Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing it is not fish they are after......."
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