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Default Terry Tone passes 2/29/12

Terry Tone was a friend of mine. He gave me tons of information about the Tillamook Bay fishery. I was hooked from day one. Of course, like him I LOVE MY SPINNERS. When Terry found out that I liked to fish he grabbed hold of me and taught me the ropes, like many guides do. Because of that, there are many dead salmon in T Bay because of his teachings. When I bought my drift boat, he sat in it, reluctlantly i'm sure, but he sat there! Telling me to go here and there and i'm not doing it right and your going to fast and now your going to slow. Saying 'hey' to people he knew. As they looked funny at him, he didn't care. We didn't catch any fish, but i'll never forget it.
I have been a very good friends with his son Jim for many years now. I believe our wives have known each other longer than Jim and I. We are consitered his kids and I like that. My wife killed her first fish up dourghty solough with him, and lady luck has done a number up there since. Many fishing trips will not be forgotten, thanks for the memories Terry you are already missed.

FYI to all Terrys' friends in Tillamook, I laughed my head off when one of Terrys' friends stopped Jim on the road asking him where he got the truck and boat. From what I here he was very persistent until Jim told him who he was.

Thanks for the memories! They are long lasting!

Rest in Peace my friend!!! 7/29/40 to 2/29/12

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Default Re: Terry Tone passes 2/29/12

I will really miss Terry he was pals with my Dad (John Miller). He was a Legend in the Tillamook fishing community. He was important role in my fishing life and always took the time to teach me something new. Several years ago I was given a bunch of his spinners and I will smile next time I catch a Chinook on it. I will really miss you.

Andy Miller
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Default Re: Terry Tone passes 2/29/12

I was a friend of Terry's for 40 years and will miss him dearly. A bit gruff at times, but with a heart of gold! That golden heart gave out in late February, but no one who knew him will ever forget our friend the "Tonester"!

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