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Default Lost at Barton

Hello everyone. First time post. Been lurking on Ifish for a few months now. I would dive into a story about myself but lets just cut to the chase and say that I am a idiot! I am not sure if I forgot to close my hatch or it popped open today but on the way out of Barton Park I lost a Jacket(maroon ski jacket) and a Wheel. Yes that is right a full Steel Wheel!!! I can not believe how absent minded I have been lately and today sealed the deal. I was so preoccupied thinking about the spot I just fished that I drove a few miles away from the park with my hatch open. In the back I had a set of steel wheels that had once been used for snow tires. On a bump or who knows when one fell out taking with it a jacket that was on top. If any of you happen to be heading out of Barton Park on the Clack today(sunday) and found a Wheel in a white box let me know. I do not even care about the jacket, just want the wheel back.

I know I know!!!!

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