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Default Boat tops

Now I have a problem that I need help with.

Yesterday we went to the John Day and my father in law landed his first ever steelhead a native (30") I will try to post a pic. but...
On the way there I had taken down my top for the trip and left the back curtain hang down between the seats and dash and the rest tied down to the windshield. As you may have already guessed when I got to the john day there was no back curtain. the rest of the top was fine other that where the back drop
zipped in the zipper came unsown and was
hanging. so now I need a new back drop curtain. my question is who is the best and most reasonable to get the new back drop made from and I would also like to have the top reinforced so that I could travel with it up. It is the top that came with my new 18" Intruder and I had asked the dealer and they said that the frame work was not stout enough to take heavy winds caused by passing trucks, traveling the gorge when the wind is blowing etc. I would like to have somthing that would stand up to that and still be realatively easy to put up and take down.

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Default Re: Boat tops

I have a Alumaweldalso and had a new top made. We went with Tim's top shop in Albany OR. They reinforced the side curtans, and we had a tow cover made all for $1000.00
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bait boy
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Default Re: Boat tops

Use the search feature that is availabe just above the green bar on most page the last button over and type boat tops. I just came up with a couple dozen hits when I tried it.

or just click here
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Jettin' Fool
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Default Re: Boat tops

Check with Bentlys in Milwaukie. They do great work but it may cost for the quality. Search on here for "Tops" as you will find many good suggestions for other shops that do good work.

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Default Re: Boat tops

As a new Alumaweld Stryker owner, I'm embarrassed by the tops that Alumaweld puts on their boats. The material is thin and the snaps must be the cheapest that they can find. The salesman warned me to take the top down before I drove off the lot with it. But I don't drive fast (55 mph) and I knew I had a tailwind on the way home, so I left it up. Needless to say, the top flapped like a flag in the wind and by the time I got home 3/4 of the snaps were unsnapped and one snap was ripped out of the material. I won't do that again.
A buddy of mine has a new NorthRiver. Now if you want to see a good top, check out theirs. I think they are made by Bentley. They have poles inside the support poles, material that doesn't flap in the wind and much stronger snaps. It looks and behaves more like a convertable car top. He has no problems driving down the road with his top up.
I started a thread a while back inquiring about hard tops for my Stryker click here for thread. and found out that Stevens Marine would gladly build me a hard top for $3500. :shocked:
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Default Re: Boat tops

Another thing that ticks me off about Alumaweld.... they don't have an email address on their website. What does this tell you?
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Beer Waggin
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Default Re: Boat tops

I just bought a used Stryker myself. The top is in good shape, but it's worthless as far as I'm concerned. It drops right behind the drivers seat and leaves little to no room for anything.
Have you seen NR's one piece soft/hard top? I'm going to look into having one made, either by NR or a friend. Not sure of the price or exact dimensions yet, but I'm either a top up or a top down type so I like the idea.
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Default Re: Boat tops

Make sure you check around, I myself wouldn't buy a Bentley top. I've seen to many with a shinking problem and short stiching, but thats just my opinion. [img]graemlins/icon_argue.gif[/img] :whazzup: [img]graemlins/program.gif[/img]
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Default Re: Boat tops

Tony's boat tops in Tigard. Quality work and fairly reasonable. I don't have a number but I'm sure he's in the book.
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