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Quiet Riot
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Default Growing avocados?

Anyone have any experience growing avocado trees in our climate? I was wondering if they could be done in a greenhouse in the winter with a removable roof for the rest of the year?

Contemplating doing this for my garden area and love avocados so just throwing out ideas.


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Seefood Man
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Default Re: Growing avocados?

I never have but at the price of them I should. Here Google is your friend
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Default Re: Growing avocados?

If i'm not mistaken, Avacado's are grafted so what you would grow from seed would not be the nice fruit you find in the store. They grow in Mexico, so if you duplicate that hot dry climate with lots of light you should theoretically be able to grow them.
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Default Re: Growing avocados?

My Dad and I roadtripped a couple years ago down to Redding/ Sac area.. He pointed to an huge farm that grows avocados just about between the two.. So they do well at least that far North..
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PaPa Jon
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Default Re: Growing avocados?

I remember when I was a kid I did the seed in water thing to get it to sprout and transplanted it to a pot. It grew pretty well as long as we brought it indoors in the winter. When it got to big to move it was left outside and that was the end of it.
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Yooper Time
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Default Re: Growing avocados?

I have one that is about 3' in our bedroom. Never had it outside though.
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Salmon Chaser
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Default Re: Growing avocados?

We have got them to about 5 feet in height in a hot house We transplanted it outside and grew to about 7 foot bugs ate it up and we never tried again.
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Default Re: Growing avocados?

There was an orchard near where I went to College in Santa Barbara. They are not exactly an indoor plant. BTW, they taste really good when picked off the tree and eaten fresh.
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Quiet Riot
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Default Re: Growing avocados?

Thanks for the replies,

I've researched online some and it looks like there are a couple varieties that are hardier than others (some rated to 26 deg F) and some smaller trees verses some that grow up to 80ft high.

Grafted sounds like the only way to go since seeded ones rarely produce fruit even from the professionals. I just don't know about the quality of some of the dwarf varieties as the oil content, etc vary widely between different types.

If I got a few trees that wouldn't grow over 10-12 ft or could be pruned/topped, I think I could manage them for the cold times under a cover.

Did any of the indoor ones produce fruit and was it any good? I'd still prefer them outdoors though.

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