Big thank you to our moderators and to Tillamook Country Smoker! -
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Default Big thank you to our moderators and to Tillamook Country Smoker!

This comes from my heart!

Thank you SO much to the Tillamook Country Smoker!
There is a bit of a tradition around these parts to thank our moderators with jerky.

Hey! I know it's not much, but they love it and it keeps them going around here! The mods are fueled by the Tillamook Country Smoker treats!

Sometimes when we goof, I'll hear from them things like, "Bad mod, no jerky!" It makes me laugh.

I was tickled when Tillamook Country Smoker packed up their most recent box and delivered it to each of the moderators doorstep! I always am!

I also want to thank our moderators. This is the part that leaves me speechless! You wouldn't believe all of the time spent and what those moderators do around here! It's amazing! I honestly don't know what drives them! Jerky!? Could that be it?

If so, you should get some of that stuff! Or, at least, provide your helpers with it!

You know, Ifish is owned by me, so it's expected that I work, here. It's what I do. I'm proud of ifish and even when I'm frustrated, it's mine, so I keep on keepin' on.

But-- the mods? They don't get paid for what they do.

Here's what the mods get as moderators at ifish: Jerky, a couple nice thank yous posted by you on the board, and/or sent to me by you (VERY appreciated!) that I pass onto them, and the knowledge that they are doing good volunteer work that helps ifish keep on keepin' on! Oh! And a Christmas present, too!

It never ceases to amaze me how we make it through, sometimes, but we always do! Sometimes, we work on a skeleton crew so small, and I'm scared to death, but we always come through!

They get up in the morning, look at the alerts, and go to it. Most of them have full time jobs to do, too! It amazes me that they can get all this done!

Sometimes, we get really cranky complaints about how we run ifish and that does put a damper on our day. But, let me tell you. I really think that with what we have to work with, they do one heck of a job!

Sometimes we don't have enough moderators to let a contentious, highly emotional thread keep going. We know that when we close it that we are going to have some unhappy people. Sometimes our other actions will also make people upset. Guess what? We are part of those unhappy people, too.

We, too, would like to read and write about it.
But, when we have to start deleting ever other post, or every other word,
- people fight,
-or we get complaints due to name calling, or things that divide us rather than bring us together
-or whatever AUP infractions occur that take our time or that need editing,
we just don't have the man power to keep it up! So, I'm sorry! We are all sorry! It affects us, and makes us just as upset (if not more!) than you!

(sorry for that awkward sentence!)

We appreciate your notes and comments, whether they be complaints or thank you's. We take your notes of complaint very seriously. We take each one into heavy consideration as we continue to strive and find the best way to deal with every problem.

Remember, we are carving the path. There was no book of how to do this, when we started this forum. We are learning as we go and we depend on your comments to help us!

If you have a comment, always use the feedback form, below. That way we have time to respond and we will see it. Sometimes things get lost on the board.

Please remember, we cannot read every post. ifish is big, now and we don't want to miss a problem. One of the biggest problems we have is that folks here assume that because a post is "still there" that the moderators have approved it. Most likely, we haven't even seen it!

Your input is as needed as the mods work! In fact, more so, sometimes! We need you to report things. Not everything is actionable, but unless we have read it, we don't know, either! Give us the chance to review it, if you even think we've seen it, or that we know. It's better to alert than to never have alerted at all! Let the mods know what you are thinking by clicking on this button, below and to the left of each post! Simply type in the text box, what you are thinking, or what might be a problem. Help us keep the peace and keep consistent! Thank you!

And please know that all notes of encouragement keep the mods fueled! I will pass them on!

Of everything that I can say about the moderators, there is one thing that I know to be true with my entire heart, and it makes me so proud!

The mods at ifish do their very best!!!
That's the best that anyone can do, and more than I expect!!

Thank you, mods!
Thank you, Tillamook Country Smoker!

Thank you equally to all of the kind and understanding members that keep ifish fishing!


And PS: While you are at it, support Tillamook Country Smoker! Get whatever it is that keeps the mods going! Supply your boat with jerky and see if that helps your fishing out like it does my ifishing!

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming "Whoo hooo! What a Ride!”

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